Alternative Boarding Schools in New England - Oliverian School
About Oliverian

There is no other school like Oliverian in the world.

In Between

We fill the gap between traditional, college-preparatory boarding schools and therapeutic programs, providing an alternative for the in-between student who needs support but not treatment.  Our students are smart, often unconventional, and in possession of enormous—if untapped—potential. Most have struggled to find their place in more traditional settings.

Step Up…

As a college-preparatory Step-Up school, we combine an extremely high level of academic and personal support with the freedom necessary to learn experientially—from both successes and failures.  This combination of support and freedom challenges students to “step up” to the imminent demands of college, young adulthood, and independence.


Virtually all of us—administrators, teachers, therapists, medical staff, and dorm parents—live on campus with our families in community with our students. We view our highest role, collectively, as that of parent.  As such, we love our students and tailor our care to nurture the unique potential we see in each of them.  Treating every student as an individual makes our work extremely challenging and profoundly rewarding.


The proof’s in the pudding.  Oliverian graduates have found success in a wide range of professions; they are artists, scientists, teachers, doctors, furniture makers, entrepreneurs, engineers, and et cetera.  But what we’re most proud of is their confident sense of who they are and where they belong.  We help young people find their place in the world.