Experience Oliverian's Unique Alternative High School Via DVD
Experience Oliverian Video


The Oliverian School’s promotional DVD, “Experience Oliverian,” was created by Tom Townsend, Founding Partner and Chief Creative Officer of Rodgers/Townsend, an advertising agency in St. Louis, and his son, Nate Townsend.  Tom made the DVD in loving memory of his son, Alex Townsend (’08), who was one of Oliverian’s first students.  Tom wrote to Randy regarding his motivation for this project:

“At its very foundation, Oliverian is a unique alternative for high school students and their families.  When we try to discuss what that difference is between Oliverian and a more traditional academic experience, we inevitably end up having to reduce this great, inspiring uniqueness to words that have become clichés in any conversation around secondary education.  We lean on words like ‘boarding school,’ ‘adventure,’ ‘college preparatory,’ ‘public school,’ and ‘private school.’  We say it’s great for kids who might need a therapeutic-like school, but also for kids with no need for one at all.  It’s as good for scholars and athletes as it is for those with social, academic, and behavioral issues.  In other words, we end up with a somewhat amorphous, unwieldy answer to the question.

But that’s when we’re trying to answer rationally.  The video is our chance to answer emotionally.  With sound, film, and storytelling that are crafted to stay away from the buzzwords of the business, we attempt to convey some of the Oliverian experience that can’t be contained in words or rational thought.  By being less clinical and more human, there’s a better chance that all different kinds of parents and kids can find themselves in this place, through the video.  Perhaps they can see a world in which they fit without even thinking about traditional labels and categories and get the feeling that this place is for me.  Not me, the academically challenged, or me the less than confident, or me the one who needs help getting along with others.  Just me.

After all, that’s how the school approaches the kids themselves every day — as individuals full of promise, no matter who they are.  So why shouldn’t we do the same when we present the school to others?  That is the opportunity in the video.”

If you would like a copy of the DVD, please contact Julie Gaffey, Admissions and Marketing Coordinator, at jgaffey@oliverianschool.org.