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Faculty 2014-2015

Learning doesn’t end when class does.

The Oliverian faculty is a team of bright, engaged, and caring people who are inspired by and committed to our mission and students. Our teachers, counselors, dorm parents, and staff bring both strong educational backgrounds and rich real-world experience to Oliverian. Faculty members live on campus in order to develop a true community and vital connections with students. Living on site allows the faculty to have an impact that reaches far beyond the confines of the academic day. Some of the most important guidance, support, and learning takes place in the “in-between moments” that are a natural part of the Oliverian community.

Faculty and Staff Biographies

Alisa Profile Pic

Dr. Alisa Abuzeineh, Science Teacher, was born and raised in Kansas. Within a week of graduating from high school, she joined the United States Air Force and was stationed in some amazing places from northern California to Greenland. Her time in the Air Force fueled her love of travel and exploration in which she has traveled and lived in a variety of places in the U.S and overseas.

After her tour in the Air Force, Alisa completed her BS in Wildlife Biology from Kansas State University and MS in Biology from Texas Tech University. As a graduate student at Texas Tech, Alisa taught freshman biology laboratories and worked on her thesis research. After completing her Master’s degree, Alisa enrolled at Texas State University to pursue her PhD in Aquatic Resources. During her time at Texas State, Alisa taught a variety of biology and ecology laboratories for freshmen through graduate students and was an NSF GK-12 fellow where she had the opportunity to work with middle and high school science teachers developing and implementing classroom and laboratory lessons. Alisa earned her PhD in December of 2011 and moved to Mississippi where she studied mosquito species that colonize natural and man-made container (i.e. tree holes and tire piles). Through her studies and research, Alisa has worked with a diverse group of organisms (from bacteria to invertebrates, small mammals, and fish) in a variety of ecosystems (such as lakes, rivers, grasslands, deserts, old growth forests, and wetlands). Alisa loves reading, walking and hiking with her dogs, camping, swimming, and traveling.

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Bessa Axelrod, Art Program Director, was born and raised in Southern California. Freely admitting to a severe case of “wanderlust,” she has traveled widely throughout the United States.  “My mother once complained that my frequent changes of address took up most of her address book, ranging far outside the pages allowed for A and B!”  Her wanderings ultimately brought her to New England where she finally settled down in 1990.

Bessa earned her BS in Art Education from Plymouth State University and brings to Oliverian a passionate commitment to the Arts.  Her broad expertise empowers our students to explore a wide variety of art methods and materials including drawing, painting, sculpture, pottery, art history, and culture. Bessa’s foremost goal is “to create a supportive environment for artistic growth, self-expression, and risk taking, and to help students develop an exceptional and individualized portfolio of artwork.”

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Dr. Shalen Bishop, Associate Head of School, was born and raised in Washington State. Leaving the persistent rain, he pursued his education in sunny southern California where he earned his BS in Broadcasting and teaching credentials. After several years of teaching, Shalen received his MS in Educational Administration from University of Scranton and returned to Pepperdine University for his administrative credential and doctorate in Educational Leadership, Administration, and Policy.Prior to joining Oliverian, Shalen was the Principal of a charter high school in Los Angeles, California and the Head of School of a private 6th-12th grade school in the San Francisco Bay area.

Leadership has always been a passion of Shalen’s and he looks forward to bringing this passion, along with his spunky energy, to Oliverian. Beyond his love for education, Shalen enjoys reading, running, Crossfit, playing cards, watching movies, and spending quality time with his amazing and supportive wife. Shalen and his wife, Bethany, are excited for this new chapter in their lives and are thrilled to join the Oliverian family.

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Stephanie Claverie, Counselor, was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, and came to our alternative boarding school by way of Baltimore, Maryland. This Fall, Stephanie starts her fifth year at Oliverian, and she can’t believe how fast the years have gone by! She has traveled all over the world, including a visit to Machu Picchu, a frigid night the ice hotel in Finland, and fished for piranha in the Amazon. Northern New Hampshire seems just as exotic to this true Southerner, but Stephanie feels at home here at the base of the White Mountains. Joining her at Oliverian are her two furry friends, Finn and Mikey.
After receiving her BA in History from Tulane University, Stephanie worked for two non-profits in New Orleans. When Hurricane Katrina hit, she moved up to Baltimore and worked as dormitory parent at a boarding school for three years. During this time, Stephanie completed her Master of Education in Guidance and Counseling from Loyola University, Maryland and fulfilled the requirements to become a National Certified Counselor. Stephanie’s counseling experience includes individual and group counseling, crisis counseling, and peer mediation all utilizing a variety of techniques and theories.

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Robyn Davis, Clifford Dorm Parent and Adventure Teacher, grew up in Southern Vermont and attended Saint Michael’s College, where she studied Elementary Education and Psychology.  After college, Robyn moved to Winter Park, Colorado where she worked at Snow Mountain Ranch, the YMCA of the Rockies, for three years.  During the past five summers, Robyn has worked with summer camps leading backpacking trips throughout the White Mountains and Rocky Mountains.  When Robyn began working with teens she quickly discovered her passion to help guide them toward a more positive lifestyle.  Robyn is passionate about working with youth and allowing them to be themselves along their road to self-discovery. She loves nature and getting outside every chance she gets, even in the rain. Robyn enjoys hiking, running, kayaking, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing.  She thinks The Oliverian School is the perfect place for her to embrace her passion for the outdoors and pass it on to anyone who welcomes it.

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John Doyle, Stewardship Teacher, grew up just north of Hanover, New Hampshire, on his family’s farm. Using only a horse-drawn plow, John made maple syrup, cut wood for heating the family home, hayed, raised livestock, hunted and trapped, and grew and sold vegetables. After graduating from Hanover High School, John attended Bridgeton Academy and later Hawthorn College, where he received his BA in History. After college, John spent thirteen years working in hotel and restaurant management at the Hanover Inn, six years building custom houses, and the past twelve years teaching building trades, agriculture, forestry, and wildlife science to 7th-12th graders. John has been a Coverts Cooperator for the state of New Hampshire since 1996, and is passionate about teaching students about wildlife conservation, forestry management, and beef cattle.

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Julie Fahey, Dean of Student Life, attended The University at Buffalo where she earned her B.A. in Psychology and a B.A. in Sociology.  After graduation, Julie moved to northern New Hampshire to work with a wilderness therapy program for 10 years.  Julie earned her M.S. in Community Mental Health Counseling from Southern New Hampshire University during that time.

Julie is very passionate about working with adolescents and is very excited to join the Oliverian community!  She finds it peaceful to return to the wilderness and beauty of New Hampshire.   In her off time, Julie enjoys spending time outdoors engaging in various sports such as hiking and snowboarding.  She also loves writing poetry and playing with her two dogs, Ronin and Oliver.

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Julie Gaffey, Admissions and Advancement Coordinator, graduated from Georgia Southern University with a BA in English, and moved to San Francisco to ride the “ wave,” working as Marketing Coordinator for an Internet start-up.  While she thrived in the fast-paced Internet environment, Julie heard her true calling and returned to Georgia to work with struggling youth in the alligator-infested swamps.  She remained in Georgia for over five years, working as counselor, teacher, and training director at a wilderness program for troubled teens.

After leaving the Deep South, Julie followed the northern path to be closer to family and discovered The Oliverian School tucked away in the beautiful mountains of New Hampshire. Oliverian’s mission deeply resonated with Julie, and she has been thrilled to fuse her marketing skills with her passion for working with struggling youth since her arrival here in 2007.

Julie has settled in the woods of New Hampshire with her husband, Brian, and their four young children.  Julie greatly appreciates the landscape surrounding Oliverian as it provides the perfect environment for hiking, kayaking, canoeing, exploring rivers, downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, and hunting for wildlife with her trusty camera!

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Janice Hatch, Business Manager, has been serving the Oliverian Valley since 1997.  In 2005 Janice became the business manager at Oliverian where she manages the finances, physical plant, human resources, and much more.  She was born and raised in Vermont, and now resides in North Haverhill, New Hampshire, with her husband, Preston, and son, Scott.  Janice’s oldest son, Brad, lives in the Midwest where he works for the air force and travels with his wife and two children.In her free time, Janice enjoys spending time with her two grandchildren, quilting, snowshoeing, camping, and travelling to Aruba!  Janice is also very involved with volunteering and giving back to the local community through the fire department, little league baseball, and 4H events.  Her friendly smile is always a welcome sight around the Oliverian campus!

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Abby Hood, Director of Academics and College & Transition Counselor, graduated from Mount Holyoke College with a BS in Biology in 1999, after which she served as College Laboratory Instructor, Sea Turtle Research Technician, Wildlife Rehabilitator, and Advisor and Work Crew Leader at a therapeutic work community located on an organic farm. Abby then returned to school and received her MS in Ecological Planning from the University of Vermont. From geology to botany, soil science to ecology, and eventually honing in on the ecological effects of agriculture, Abby’s graduate work consisted of a broad, multi-disciplinary approach to the study of the natural systems of New England.

It was during the summers, rather than the school year, though, that Abby first identified her passion for teaching science to high school students. During one intensive week each summer, Abby taught field science to bright and motivated high-school students at the Governor’s Institute of Vermont, Science and Technology program. She loved it, and the next thing she knew, she was applying for full-time teaching jobs.  Abby initially came to Oliverian to teach science, but has had many different roles in her 7 years with the school. She loves Oliverian – its beautiful campus, dynamic faculty, and of course all the interesting and spirited students who inspire her to keep learning and growing. In her free time, Abby enjoys hiking, running, skiing, canoeing, playing with her dogs, and spending quality time with her husband and son.

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Bill Kearney, Spanish Teacher, earned his MA in Latin American Literature at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He grew up on the coast south of Boston but has lived and traveled extensively throughout Europe and Latin America. Bill’s passion for the Spanish language is rooted in his curiosity toward the rich web of histories and cultures that it connects…including our own. Bill looks forward to sharing this passion, along with an insistence on personal growth and learning outside of one’s comfort zone, with the Oliverian community.

Bill has taught groups of 45 students at a Catholic all-girls school in Quito, Ecuador, worked with inner-city high school students to ensure college access, coached boys and girls youth basketball teams, taught Spanish to students of the University of Massachusetts and most recently taught ESL to professors and students of the Universidad de Oviedo in beautiful Oviedo, Spain.

His free time is spent on his bike, with a book, in a tent, in shoes or boots that allow him to arrive to higher altitudes, or digesting a large meal with a cup of Barry’s Irish Tea…or even all of these activities simultaneously. He lives in Pike, NH with his wife Siobhan and their daughter Maeve.

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Will Laughlin, Head of School / CEO, comes to Oliverian School with over twenty years’ of educational leadership experience in the US and abroad.  Will’s professional adventures include serving as the president of an international university with campuses in Tokyo and Osaka, head of school for a therapeutic boarding school in North Carolina, and executive director for a group of five therapeutic schools in Idaho and California.  He has also launched several companies, including a peanut-butter company that helps feed malnourished children ( and an adventure-based youth-development program (  A fifth-generation native of the San Francisco Bay Area, Will stayed close to home for his education, earning degrees from U.C. Berkeley and Stanford University.

Will’s wife, Beth Laughlin, is a fellow Stanford graduate and therapeutic-education professional. From their new base in New Hampshire, Beth continues her work as founder and partner of Second Nature 360, a transition and support program for adolescents who have recently completed treatment.   She also serves as Will’s fearless crew chief for his ultra-distance running adventures, which include record-setting expedition runs across Costa Rica, Death Valley, and the Rocky Mountains.

Recent transplants from Boulder, Colorado, Will and Beth are enjoying New Hampshire’s “ridiculous” beauty with their adored dog, Liam.

Phone: 603-989-5100 ext. 7009

Abby Lavigne, Counselor, is returning to her home state and joining Oliverian after living, learning and adventuring in the southwest. She holds an MSW from New Mexico Highlands University, as well as an MBA. In addition to her experience working in school settings, she has spent many summers counseling at-risk youth in a variety of both day and residential camps. As an alumnus of a New England boarding school herself, Abby is passionate about empowering young adults and supporting them in their educational journey. She is excited that her gypsy wind has blown her back east to be a member of such a diverse and dynamic staff. Abby enjoys road trips, playing softball, baking and perusing antiques.

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Barclay Mackinnon, Jr., Director of Admissions/Head Emeritus, has dedicated over nine years of his twenty-nine year career in the field of education to The Oliverian School.  Along with his role as Founding Head, Head Emeritus and Director of Admissions, he has served Oliverian as a teacher, advisor, counselor and coach.  He describes the feeling he had when he began his first teaching job at Brunswick School in Greenwich, Connecticut, as a strong sense that he was “going home.”  Barclay states that since entering the field of education, “it’s as though I’ve never had a bad day.”

Barclay received his BA from The City University of New York and his Master’s Degree from Pepperdine University in Los Angeles, California. He’s proud to say that his work at Oliverian has been the most richly rewarding professional experience of his career. “The Oliverian School ethos supports students who may be struggling to find their way, while giving them an opportunity to redefine who they are in a setting that will nourish and inspire them,” says Barclay.  Barclay lives in Norwich, Vermont, and is the proud father of sons Ian, Max and Ben, and stepchildren, Danny and Jenna.

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Reed Oliverian Website

Reed McFarland, Smith A Dorm Parent and Student Support Specialist, comes to Oliverian from Niantic, Connecticut. Reed holds a B.S. in Childhood Studies, an M.Ed. in Special Education along with a New Hampshire Special Education certification for K-12; all of which through Plymouth State University. Throughout Reed’s undergraduate schooling, he has taught in numerous public school classrooms, but during Reed’s fifth year masters program, he completed a year-long internship at The Oliverian School. During his internship, Reed worked with Maurice Liddy as a Student Support Specialist where he taught financial math class as well as an executive functioning class through New York University.

Reed feels that The Oliverian School is the perfect fit for his teaching and learning style as the school’s mission, ideals, and focus align with Reed’s beliefs and educational practices. Reed is extremely excited to be beginning his career at The Oliverian School and plans to bring many great things to this school. Reed’s interests include road biking, mountain biking, and cyclocross. He also plays a wide array of instruments but primarily focuses on guitar.

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Matt Melkonian, Bixbie Dorm Parent and Director of Programming, was born in Long Beach, Ca, but considers himself to be a New Hampshire native. He grew up in Hopkinton and graduated from The Derryfield School in Manchester, NH, where Randy Richardson served as Head of School. Following his high school graduation, Matt went on to receive a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from West Virginia Wesleyan College, and a Bachelor of Science degree in professional sports and events management from Johnson and Wales University in Denver.

Matt has broad range of experience with youth in outdoor and adventure settings, including jobs as a camp counselor and waterfront instructor at a YMCA Camp in Coniston, NH, as a ski instructor at Jackson Hole, Wyoming Kids Ranch, and as a wilderness field instructor for SUWS in Idaho. Matt interned at the Kroenke Sports Enterprises in Denver, and did marketing work at the Alliance of Action Sports in Chicago. He is very excited to return to New Hampshire, and especially thrilled to be at Oliverian. He is committed to finding mutual areas of interest that will guide and shape a meaningful high school experience for all students.

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Kimberly Moran, Office Manager and Registrar, spent most of her youth traveling throughout the Eastern United States as a ‘Navy brat.’ She received her BS in Business Management through Granite State College after settling in the New England area, and is currently finishing up her Master’s Degree in Leadership through the University System of New Hampshire.

Along with handling day-to-day front office activities, Kimberly works directly with the Academic Department and the College Counseling Office to provide support for Oliverian students’ college applications. When she is not at work, Kimberly enjoys spending time with her family. During the late spring, summer, and early fall months you are apt to see her out on her motorcycle enjoying “the alone with only my thoughts time.” Kimberly is an avid songwriter and the lead vocalist in her band. “Songs should tell a story…stories of tragedy, triumph, love, and devotion. My songs do just that…they tell the story of my life and the people around me.”

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Labette Page, Bookkeeper, grew up in Vermont and for the past 24 years has been working with her husband and their three children on their dairy farm in North Haverhill, NH named Thistle Knob Farm. She is an active volunteer in the community and has been involved in many area organizations that support youth. She is a 4-H leader and enjoys watching her children show cattle and compete in high school sports.

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Aaron Rumsey, Director of Counseling, joins Oliverian from the Adirondack region of upstate New York where he was the primary therapist at a wilderness program.  Aaron is a licensed mental health counselor who earned his undergraduate degree in psychology and sociology at the State University of New York at Potsdam. He worked at an inpatient substance abuse treatment center and a detoxification center before enrolling in a master’s program in mental health counseling.  As a counselor and an adjunct instructor at SUNY Plattsburgh, Aaron enjoyed sharing his clinical knowledge, offering support, and bringing empathy and creativity to the adolescents he worked with.

Aaron is enthusiastic to work with the Oliverian students and families this year and helping them find their path to success while helping them build healthy and well rounded lives.  Aaron and his family are excited to take in the White Mountains as much as they did the Adirondacks while searching for new adventures and lessons through nature.

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Melissa McDonnell

Melissa Strobel, Admissions and Learning Specialist, joined the Oliverian community in the summer of 2011.  She grew up in Massachusetts, then studied Communications, Journalism, and Law at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York. Upon graduation, Melissa moved way, way South where she began working in alternative education settings. First, she taught at an environmental center in Alabama, and then worked as a teacher, behavior modification specialist, and program director at a residential program for adjudicated youth in South Carolina. While working in South Carolina, Melissa attended Columbia College and earned a Master’s of Education in Divergent Learning.

Melissa enjoys traveling, reading, hiking, and the outdoors. She loves taking the Oliverian students on trips- either around New Hampshire or around the country- and likes to see the students challenge and surprise themselves with their own accomplishments.

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Kelly Sweeney, Math Teacher, joined the Oliverian community in the fall of 2012.  Kelly grew up in Ballston Spa, New York, and studied Mathematics and Inclusive Education at Nazareth College.  She received her MS degree in Educational Technology at The College of St. Rose.  During college, she spent five months living and studying in Sydney, Australia, and student taught in Wales, UK, where she was enlightened with a different approach to teaching, and the opportunity to travel and explore Europe on the weekends.

Growing up outside of the Adirondacks, Kelly has developed an affinity for the great outdoors. She really enjoys a range of outdoor activities, including hiking, camping, running and biking. She completed her first triathlon last summer, and has run several half marathons. She loves sports and played soccer, basketball, and lacrosse in high school, and continued playing soccer throughout college.  Kelly became a teacher to influence the lives of children, and there’s no better place to do that than here. She feels that Oliverian is more than a school, but is a community where the students and staff all learn from one another and grow together. She’s excited to bring a fresh and innovative perspective to learning, and hopes to instill some of her passion for math into the students.

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bumble 2

Lizzy Swindell, Bolton Dorm Parent and Adventure Teacher, is in her second year here at Oliverian. She has spend the past 9 years working with adolescents in non traditional learning settings and believes that some of life’s best lessons are learned outside of the classroom. She is the coach of our rock climbing team, community yoga instructor and shares an obsessive stoke for snow.

Lizzy loves being outdoors and believes that nature is a powerful tool for self-exploration, self-discovery and for learning group dynamics. She hopes to help students discover new things about themselves and their environment while here at Oliverian through the power of laughter, sunshine, relationships and the natural world.

Lizzy loves rock climbing, yoga, sliding on snow, riding bikes, swimming, paddling, singing songs, making art and  traveling the country in the pursuit of adventures! In the summer she works as a director for two summer camps in Oregon and California. She can get a little antsy if cooped up inside too long and she loves sharing adventures with everyone!

Phone: 603-989-5100, ext. 7205

Peter Tice

Dr. Peter Tice, Dean of Studies and Science Teacher, was a new addition to Oliverian in the 2011-2012 school year. Following university teaching as a graduate student and several years teaching in public school alternative and mainstream programs, he decided to come to Oliverian to follow his passion for small-group, holistic education. Peter received his BS Degree in Geology from McGill University in 1995, and his MS and PhD Degrees in Magma Crystallization Dynamics and Alkaline Crystal Chemistry from the University of New Orleans in 2009 and 2010, respectively. Peter lives on Oliverian’s campus with his wife, Sherri, and their children, Justin, Calvin, and Emaline.

Peter was initially drawn to Oliverian because of its commitment to provide for individual students’ learning needs and interests while maintaining high academic standards.  Peter believes that “students need to be challenged to become independent thinkers who use the information from their courses to develop their own analytical framework to consider the world and their place in it. In doing so, they become more active participants in their own lives and community. Cultivating students as independent thinkers commences with treating students as individuals; learning who they are and providing them with the means and support to blaze their own path.”

Outside of the classroom, Peter’s interests include horticulture, sustainable agriculture, woodworking and handicraft, wildlife observation, astronomy, mineral collecting, building scale railroad models, and railroad history.

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Ben Travis, Executive Chef and Culinary Arts Instructor, graduated from Union College in 2009 earning an inter disciplinary BA in Philosophy and in English, with a focus on naturalist writing and environmental ethics.  Almost all of Ben’s postgraduate education has been experiential.  Ben continues to manifest his own naturalist philosophy with the cultivation of an half-acre vegetable garden used to supply the family restaurant with fresh produce during the summer and early fall.

Before coming to Oliverian, Ben worked as Operations Manager and Head Chef at the Jonesville Store in Clifton Park, New York.  Today, Ben owns and operates a gourmet food truck out of Saratoga Springs, NY during the summer months and has participated in events ranging from arts and music festivals, car shows and food truck contests, to weddings and graduation parties.  Ben still works hard to maintain the garden in order to continue serving responsibly grown produce.  It is safe to say Ben’s passion for a healthy environment and for cooking is ubiquitous all the way from the farm to the table and he is committed to sharing his knowledge with students an appetite for learning.

Phone: 603-989-5100, ext. 7018

Brett Wanner, Music Teacher and Soccer Coach, has had extensive experience as a performer, producer, and recording artist, and is still engaged in all three activities. When not immersed in the musical world, Brett enjoys an occasional soccer match. While he played soccer at a very competitive level in his youth, Brett now coaches others to their fullest potential. Brett lives in Lyme, New Hampshire with his wife Marilyn and two children, Addison and Lena.

Through his experiences and independent study, Brett is able to provide an interesting and unique perspective on the world of music at Oliverian. He is able to meet our students at their individual musical levels and provide them with opportunities for growth in varied areas ranging from songwriting to music business and recording arts. He wishes to provide our students with a music program that is engaging, challenging, fun, and focused on student compositions. Brett lives for those moments when “the creative spark ignites and gives birth to a work that was previously nonexistent.”

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Lucas Weiss, Humanities Teacher, graduated from Westminster Choir College with a BM in Music Education in 1999. Over the next seven years he taught music in both independent and public schools in New York City, and had a brief foray into the world of the NYC Urban Park Rangers. He then returned to school and received an MS in Acupuncture from the Swedish Institute in 2009, followed by an MA in Chinese History from Columbia University in 2011. At Columbia, Lucas studied Daoism, mountain monasteries, and sacred geography, combining his love of mountains and Daoist philosophy. Lucas returned to full time teaching in 2012, at a charter school in Brooklyn for students who have struggled at their previous school.

From childhood, at a camp seated in the shadow of Mt. Monadnock, Lucas dreamed of living in New Hampshire. He is an avid mountaineer, and will more than likely disappear into the White Mountains in his off time. If not in the mountains, Luke might be found playing fiddle tunes on the mandolin, following his favorite soccer team, Tottenham Hotspur, or reading Faulkner’s Absalom, Absalom again, because it is that good.

Luke lives on campus with his wife Karina, son Julian, daughter Peregrine and their two cats, Marley and Ziggy. He loves to share his passion for history, the humanities, mountains, music, and ping-pong with the community.

Phone: 603-989-5100

Micah E. Weiss, Humanities Teacher, focused his college studies on his writing, staying up all night drinking coffee, playing chess, and arguing about things he wouldn’t really understand until later in life (and some that still baffle him).  Micah graduated from the City College of New York in 2006 with a degree in English Literature, and not long after started his career as a teacher.  He has spent the last 8 years teaching in a public high school in the Bronx.  In that time he taught a variety of subjects including English, Global and US History, as well as several creative writing courses.   In 2013 he earned an MFA in Writing from Sarah Lawrence College.  That institution’s tradition of professors and students building strong personal relationships together is something Micah hopes to incorporate into his practice as a teacher at Oliverian.

Micah is joined by his wife Betsy, an artist who homeschools their three children, Alden, Eowyn, and Athena.  Micah loves writing, reading canonical and fantasy literature, religious and medieval history, and Transcendental Philosophy.  He follows politics a little too closely, and is very excited about the presidential election season in the coming years in New Hampshire.  Micah can be found playing any number of strategy games and pen-and-paper RPGs, laughing at bad sci-fi movies with his wife, or alternatively wrestling and snuggling with any or all of his kids.  He still enjoys staying up at night drinking coffee, playing chess, and arguing, though he admits his days of pulling all-nighters are long past him.

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Susan Welsh

Susan Welsh, School Nurse, has a diverse background in nursing that has prepared her well for her job at The Oliverian School.  Having graduated from Massachusetts General Hospital School of Nursing in Boston, she discovered her love for school nursing.  Susan worked in both public and private schools in Massachusetts, one of which was an alternative high school in Worcester for adolescents with behavioral and emotional issues.

Susan came to Oliverian because of a longing to fulfill one of her life-long goals, a goal that she even articulated in her high school yearbook, “to help adolescents find their identity.”  She truly believes that each Oliverian student has extraordinary gifts and talents and once their potential is realized and unleashed, they can literally change the world.  As an eternal optimist and woman of great faith, she hopes to inspire and challenge them to reach for the sky.

Susan has been married to her husband, Karl, for over thirty years and has a daughter who is a special education teacher; a son-in-law who is a middle school math teacher; and a son who is pursuing his Master’s Degree in Meteorology after completing a year-long internship at NASA researching atmospheric pollution. Other members of the family include a 4 ½ yr. old foster grandson with a big personality who loves to pop bubbles!

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