Alternative Boarding Schools in New England - Oliverian School
Our Mission

Oliverian is a nonprofit coeducational boarding high school committed to students who have struggled in more traditional settings. We take a unique approach to learning by striking a balance between structure and flexibility, support and challenge, and individual and community.  Our faculty and staff guide each student toward intellectual and personal self-exploration and growth.  We provide students with the opportunity to develop the skills, confidence, responsibility, and independence they need to transition successfully to college and life.

As an independent boarding school, The Oliverian School’s holistic learning community aims to educate and develop our bright, young students.  Since most of our students come from different backgrounds and sets of experiences, we have dedicated ourselves to providing the highest quality of instruction and community for every type of student.  Whether your child is struggling academically, relationally, or is simply coming to our private boarding school for a unique learning and life experience, we have the tools, skills, and expertise necessary to facilitate his or her success.

Philosophy and Approach

The Oliverian School is committed to the following goals:

  • To provide an engaging and challenging academic curriculum that prepares students for college, while remaining responsive to their individual strengths, special needs, and diverse learning styles.
  • To provide a wide range of experiential learning opportunities such as assisting in the operation of our working farm, our maple sugaring business, and our award-winning wildlife preserve.
  • To provide innovative and exceptional instruction by attracting knowledgeable, dynamic, and experienced faculty who are committed to our community as teachers, mentors, and role models.
  • To use an adventure-based approach to learning by offering students dynamic and rewarding outdoor experiences that enhance physical wellness, self-confidence, and leadership skills, while building meaningful interpersonal relationships.
  • To encourage a family commitment to the “life of the school” through student, faculty, and parent communication and collaboration.
  • To maintain a family-style living environment within our 1,800 acre campus, where students will live in small groups in faculty-run, gender-specific houses.
  • To empower students to acknowledge and resolve difficulties through an ongoing individual and group counseling program under the supervision of licensed clinical faculty members.
  • To instruct students in a variety of competitive intramural and noncompetitive individual athletic endeavors to promote a lifelong commitment to fitness and a responsible use of leisure time.
  • To maintain a low faculty-student ratio in order to provide an individualized educational experience for each student.