High School Student Mentoring Programs - Academic & Social Advising
Advising Program

The Advising Program gives our faculty a chance to get to know our students outside the classroom and programming. The Advisor becomes an advocate for his or her advisee and supports the advisee in any way needed: academically, emotionally, or socially. Some key points about the Oliverian School Advising Program are:

  • Advisors meet with Advisees at least once a week
  • Advisors have contact with Advisee’s parent(s) once a week, either via phone or email. Meetings include a status report on academic, emotional/behavioral, and social progress, including information about the student’s dorm life.
  • Advisors manage Advisee’s academic pathway through Oliverian with assistance from the Head of the Advising Program and/or the Head of Academics
  • Advisors set the stage for his or her Advisee to be successful at The Oliverian School

Our Advising Program has been very successsful. For our students, knowing their Advisor is an extra support put in place to nurture their success and growth makes it that much more exciting and impacting.