Study Support - Oliverian School
Study Support

Learning Support at Oliverian takes a number of forms:

    • The Oliverian Classroom.  Support starts in the classroom, where teachers are focused on understanding and meeting the needs of each and every one of the diverse learners in their classes.  With small class sizes (average of seven students per class), a multi-modal teaching approach, differentiation of instruction, and individualized attention, our teachers are constantly striving to challenge and inspire all of their students.


    • Resource Class and Learning Specialists.  Every student is assigned to a Resource Class as part of their academic schedule.  These classes are taught by our Learning Specialists who use the opportunity to teach study, executive functioning, and core academic skills.  The Learning Specialists communicate closely with teachers to monitor students’ standing in their classes and to determine and address each student’s areas of need.


    • Advisory Program.  Each Oliverian student is assigned a faculty advisor at the time of enrollment.  At the beginning of the year, the advisor works with the student to identify his or her academic strengths and weaknesses and then guides the student in setting goals for the first quarter.  Each quarter thereafter, the advisor and student will assess progress and revise goals for the coming marking period.  On an ongoing basis, advisors provide academic support and oversight for the student, and also communicate on a weekly basis with the student’s parents.  Each advisor has a maximum of two or three advisees, allowing them to provide extensive attention and support to each student they advise.


  • Evening Study Hall & Friday Night Study.  Every school night students have study hall in the academic center or library.  They are grouped by dorms in separate rooms and are proctored and supported by their dorm parents.  Two nights per week, Learning Labs are facilitated by the core academic teachers during study hall.  Students may choose to work with their teachers during this time, or teachers may pull in students who need help but are not seeking it out.  Students who are falling behind on assignments are identified on a weekly basis and assigned to Friday Night Study to provide an additional work time with a supportive proctor.