Alternative High Schools in New Hampshire - The Oliverian Classroom
The Oliverian Classroom

Classes are small, with an average size of seven students per class.  We proudly maintain a student to faculty ratio of 2:1 to provide abundant support to all students, maintain small class sizes, and academic guidance pushing students to reach their full potential.  Oliverian’s core curriculum of humanities, science, mathematics, and foreign language is supplemented with academic based courses in studio art, music, adventure, and stewardship. Our courses are designed to motivate students to listen, speak, read, write, create, interpret, and analyze with ever-increasing breadth, depth, and complexity. Oliverian’s program is structured in two semesters, with three separate weeks of intensive electives, one in the fall, one in the winter, and one in the spring.

The School believes that the arts, adventure, and stewardship are integral to a student’s growth and development, and students experience these programs through both classes and extracurricular activities. To receive a diploma from The Oliverian School, students must present evidence of meeting standards-based work in core subjects and must earn the following academic credits: eight credits in humanities (English, social science, and history), three credits in mathematics, three credits in science, three credits in foreign language, and one credit during each year of Oliverian attendance in fine arts, stewardship, and adventure. In addition, students must complete an integrated multi-faceted project in their senior year.