High School Senior Projects - Oliverian School
Senior Projects

The end of high school marks a transition from the confines of a compulsory education system, in which every individual is expected to follow the same general curriculum, to the freedom and flexibility of higher education.  After high school, individuals can choose their path, seeking the specific education or training required for them to achieve their goals.  In recognition of and preparation for this transition and the motivation, self-discipline, and vision it involves, The Oliverian School requires every student to complete a Senior Project in order to graduate.

The Senior Project gives each Oliverian senior the opportunity to design and carry out a personally meaningful educational program that demonstrates his or her ability to select and identify a challenge of personal interest, problem solve, manage time, organize, research, communicate, and reflect.

The foundation of a good Senior Project is the student’s own interest, excitement, enthusiasm, and/or passion for the topic.  Past Senior Projects have involved art, music, community service, fashion, construction, web design, health education, outdoor leadership, public performance, personal challenge, and engineering.  Past students have:

  • recorded an album of original music
  • painted a portrait
  • constructed a musical instrument
  • designed an AIDS education program
  • built a sweat lodge and conducted a sweat lodge ceremony
  • written a comic book
  • produced an Oliverian yearbook
  • organized and led an off-campus volunteer group
  • designed and installed a lock system on campus
  • produced and directed a film

The Senior Project is ultimately an opportunity for students to express and challenge themselves in connection with a topic about which they are truly passionate.