Alternative High School Science Curriculum - Oliverian School

Science at Oliverian is a process, not simply a series of facts to be learned.  Students are taught to question and think critically, approaching new information with the skepticism and thirst for evidence that characterizes the scientific mind.  In every level of their science education, Oliverian students engage in the scientific process, continually building skills and understanding.  In their first year, students may focus on formulating scientific questions and developing basic skills and abilities necessary for scientific inquiry.  By their third and fourth year, they are designing and conducting scientific investigations, as well as formulating and revising scientific explanations based on logic and evidence.

The Oliverian School requires that all of its graduates have three years of college-preparatory science.  The school offers four core courses, all of which are aligned with the National Science Education Standards — biology, chemistry, physics, and environmental science.  In all of these courses, students are pushed to consider real-world applications and societal implications of the concepts they are learning.  In this way, science comes alive as a relevant and dynamic way of understanding ourselves and the world around us.