Alternative Boarding Schools in New England - Oliverian School

Oliverian students achieve success through stewardship by caring for our campus and by engaging in service-learning projects on a local, regional, national, and international level.  Campus stewardship activities may include managing the trails and woodlands, keeping the horse facility clean, helping to maintain the dormitories, and managing the organic gardens.  Oliverian students reach out to the local community through stewardship activities such as chopping, stacking, delivering, and donating cords of wood to local families in need of heat assistance for the winter.  Nationally and internationally, Oliverian students support their global community through Electives Week service-learning trips to places such as the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, and St. Croix.  Through service-learning, students are empowered to establish their own service goals and to design projects, thus fostering a sense of control over their own education, leading to self-motivated learning and self-directed personal growth.

Stewardship at Oliverian encourages self-exploration, spirituality, character formation, and integrity by allowing students to explore their interdependent relationship with others and with the natural world. Our students eat food harvested from gardens that they’ve planted and maintained and derive a sense of accomplishment as they maintain the natural habitat of indigenous wildlife. These experiences empower our students to balance their individual needs with those of the community. They guide our students to an understanding of a deeper purpose in life and to the cultivation of a productive school culture.