High School Graduation Requirements - Getting a Diploma
Graduation Requirements

For most, high school graduation is a life-defining occasion.  At Oliverian, we are always thrilled to see our unique students complete their college preparatory education program and gain acceptance into college or university. In order to help make the transition from high school to college a smooth one, we work hard to ensure that our students leave Oliverian equipped with the knowledge, tools, and skills that will propel them into success.

From our challenging academics, to our inspiring outdoor education programs and offerings in the arts, to our individualized Senior Projects, we provide a well-rounded education that creates a solid foundation for our students.  Our graduation requirements are as follows:

English – Four credits
History/Social Science – Three credits, including one of US History
Mathematics – Three credits
Science – Three credits of college preparatory science
Foreign Language – Three credits in one language through the third year, or two credits in each of two foreign languages
Fine Arts (Visual/performance) – .75 credits for each year of OS attendance
Stewardship – .75 credits for each year of OS attendance
Physical Education/Adventure – .75 credit for each year of OS attendance
Senior Project – Successful completion

Concentration Requirements: Any student who earns the required (see below) credits in enrichment classes can apply for a “concentration” in an enrichment area.

  1. Students who enter as a freshman: 5.0 credits
  2. Students who enter as a sophomore: 3.75 credits
  3. Students who enter as a junior: 3.0 credits
  4. Students who enter as a senior: 2.0 credits


  1. Credits for previous schoolwork are approved by the Dean of Academics
  2. Credits may be waived by the Dean of Academics if in the best interest of the student due to learning differences
  3. Stewardship credit will be awarded based on a student earning credits in stewardship enrichment courses offered each quarter and intensive electives week.
  4. Physical Education/Adventure credit will be awarded each semester based on one’s participation in outdoor, physically active pursuits, including, but not limited to, Intensive Electives Week Courses, Outward Bound, sports teams, etc.
  5. Successful completion of Senior Project requires a presentation of the project to the senior project committee and potentially the entire school community

View a printable PDF (24 KB) of Oliverian School’s Graduation Requirements and Advanced Credit program.