Alumni - Oliverian School

The Oliverian experience does not end on graduation day.  Alumni are a treasured group we hold close to our hearts and with whom we attempt to maintain a meaningful relationship.  Several alumni have returned to intern or teach at Oliverian, others speak with prospective families to share their experiences as Oliverian students, many have donated to the Annual Fund, and many return to campus to offer testimonials of success and motivation to current students.  In addition, many of our alumni have maintained close connections with each other, with former teachers, advisors, and staff, and have had several reunions both on and off of the Oliverian campus. Finally, Barclay Mackinnon, Director of Admissions/Head Emeritus, devotes much time and energy to keeping in touch with our alumni, from maintaining contact with them via Facebook and other electronic media, to visiting them at college or in their hometowns.

We have recently created a formal Alumni Association, as well as an Alumni Award, and we are proud to have hosted our first official alumni reunion on Oliverian’s campus during the summer of 2012.  February 2016, in Savannah, GA, Oliverian alumni will gather at the A-Town Get Down for a mid-year reunion.  Oliverian is excited to open campus to an alumni reunion in Haverhill, NH summer of 2016 and expect to see many more returning students!

To all our alums: We welcome you back to campus for a visit anytime-please call the AOD cell phone to arrange your next visit: (603) 359-4942.  Also, please keep us posted regarding your current status, your accomplishments, and your whereabouts, and be sure to “friend” us on Facebook!