Alternative Boarding Schools in New England - Oliverian School
Ancillary Services

Preferred Providers for Specialty Services

Oliverian School has identified preferred providers for specialized services that complement Oliverian’s offerings.  These services represent offerings that may fall outside the scope of Oliverian’s regular program and that parents may engage directly but in collaboration with Oliverian.

We select preferred providers for their quality, proximate location, flexibility, and understanding of the Oliverian program and child.  Oliverian will also work with other specialty service providers as long as they are able and willing to work effectively within our school’s ethos and schedule.


Tutoring and Test Preparation: Knower Academics

Knower Academics, LLC, is a local instructional support company based in Plymouth, NH. Knower Academics was founded by Catherine Knower, a nationally renowned standardized test expert. They are  Oliverian School’s preferred provider for SAT/ACT test preparation and specific subject-area academic support. Most of their instruction occurs in a one-on-one format, which allows them to target the instruction that best meets each student’s needs. / 603.238.3283


Specialized Learning Support: Dr. Liz Heron

Dr. Liz Heron is a Harvard-trained educator with 33 years’ experience supporting students with learning differences.  Dr. Heron uses highly customized personal instruction and long-distance technology to foster learning that is both meaningful and practical for students who may not respond to more traditional methods.  Liz combines the most current research with unconventional strategies to help students who learn differently find their way to succeed.

People who work with Liz might be described as:

Low executive function, slow processors, emotional and behavioral difficulties (EBD),  ADD/ADHD, NLD, language-based learning disabled, dyslexic, anxious, on the autism spectrum.

The same people might also be described as:

Puzzling, gifted, unusual, challenging, kinesthetic, shy, hilarious, artistic, great with animals, sensitive, dreamy, exuberant, deep careful thinkers, quiet, eccentric, loners, just plain wonderful.  / / 603.217.7746


Home, Transition, and Aftercare Support: Second Nature 360

Second Nature 360, or “360,” helps families navigate the challenges of school breaks, transition to home or college, or any other situation that might be challenging for the student and/or their family.  360 matches a licensed clinician (aka “parent coach”) to the parents and an experienced mentor to the student, offering a combination of in-person and real-time telephone/text/Skype support to all parties on a regular schedule and as needed.

360 helps all parties manage potentially challenging transitions, giving both the adolescent and their parents a dedicated resource for constructively working through struggles in real world situations that occur at home, college, or the workplace. / 919.428.0048