Academic Facilities - Oliverian School

Academic Facilities

The Academic Building is the “hub” of campus and is bustling with activity at any given time of the school day.  Core academic classes are held in spacious classrooms with a typical size of seven students per class.  Administrative offices, the school nurse, and counselors’ offices are located just around the corner from the primary classrooms.  Culinary class is conducted upstairs in the kitchen, which is adjacent to the Dining Hall where students and faculty gather for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Up the hill from the Academic Building is the Mackinnon Center, our student center.  The Townsend Library is on the second floor of the Mackinnon Center, and is used primarily for student research, study hall, faculty and board meetings, and social gatherings.  The library has several computer stations, as well as a quiet study room.  The lower level of the Mackinnon Center houses the Quillen Game Room and fitness center, the Internet cafe, and a lounge area with a large screen television.

Our Meeting House is nestled on the highest hill on campus and is used for afternoon Community Meeting, an all-school gathering of mindfulness, storytelling, announcements, and appreciations.

In memory of Alex Townsend, Class of ’08, an Outdoor Classroom is situated outside of the Meeting House and is used for small gatherings, class presentations, and just quiet, reflective thought while enjoying the breathtaking view of the nearby White Mountains and the Oliverian Valley.

The Music and Art Studio is located on our East Campus and houses a spacious music room, photography lab, two recording studios, a large art studio, and expansive outdoor deck that hovers near the Oliverian Brook.

With a campus of over 1,800 acres, Oliverian uses almost eighteen miles of footpaths and trails for hiking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, horseback riding, and various stewardship activities.

The Horsemanship Center currently houses seven horses and two donkeys, all of which are used for Oliverian horsemanship and stewardship classes.  Students are active in all aspects of maintaining the horses, including feeding, cleaning stalls, and tacking.

Formerly a “sugar shack,” the Adventure Building houses mountain bikes, kayaks, canoes, skis, snowshoes and all other gear used for outdoor adventure classes and activities.