Life in the Dorms - Oliverian School
Life in the Dorms

Our dorms are renovated farmhouses speckled across campus and are all within walking distance of the Academic Building, Student Center, Library, and Meeting House.  We offer mostly single rooms, along with a few double rooms for students who are assigned a roommate.  Each room is equipped with a bed, mattress, armoire or dresser, study desk, and chair.  While televisions are not allowed in the rooms, there is a common area in each dorm equipped with a television, DVD player, mini-fridge, and microwave.

Each dorm is led by a full-time dorm parent who lives in an attached apartment and who is involved in all aspects of residential life.  The dorm parent serves as a mentor and provides guidance in connection with off campus trips; on campus activities; cleanliness of the dorm; laundry, and other life skills; and evening study hall.