Health Services Office at the Oliverian School
Health Office

Oliverian’s nurse, Annah Kennett, works towards a systematic approach to medications and school health.  Annah works hard to ensure that the office is a caring and safe environment for the students to seek help or share concerns.

Student medications are distributed from the nurse’s office in the morning and in dorm at night after.  Students are expected to take responsibility for their medication needs by being on time for medication disbursements.  Faculty members will assist students, when necessary, to ensure that they receive their medications in a timely manner, and to help them develop the requisite level of independence to meet this responsibility.  Students are expected to be respectful of each other’s privacy.  If students are too sick to attend classes, they can be admitted to the infirmary for all or any portion of the day.  Students are encouraged to take care of themselves by getting plenty of sleep, maintaining proper hygiene, eating properly, and staying hydrated.  Dorm parents are trained to help our students develop and maintain these healthy habits.

Annah maintains open communication between parents and student, while simultaneously respecting the student’s privacy.  Her door is always open to the students, whether they are having good days or bad.