Substance Abuse Education & Recovery at The Oliverian School
Substance Abuse Education

The Oliverian School’s Substance Abuse Education and Recovery Program is designed to provide a multi-faceted, wrap-around approach to education about alcohol and other drugs for all of our students, as well as a substance abuse recovery program for students with histories of substance abuse, both active and inactive.

The following is provided for the entire Oliverian community:

  • Random Drug Testing
  • Quarter-Long Health Education Course with a Focus on Alcohol and Other Drugs Education, in line with the New Hampshire State Curriculum
  • Campus-Wide Alcohol and Other Drugs Education
  • Substance Abuse-Related Community Meeting Topics

The following is provided only to participants in the recovery program:

Upon entry into the Substance Abuse Recovery Program, each student will be provided an individualized recovery plan, which could include any combination of the following programs and/or services:

  • Weekly Topic-Oriented Group Sessions
  • Twelve-Step Meetings
  • Peer Accountability Program
  • Individual Substance Abuse Counseling

The Oliverian School is an institutional member of the Association of Recovery Schools (

For more information, please contact Barclay Mackinnon, Director of Admissions/Head Emeritus, at