Summer Counseling Session & Support Program for High School Students
Counseling and Support

The foundation of the Oliverian Summer Session is a comprehensive student support program.  The Summer Session counselor oversees this program using a team approach that involves a student’s dorm parent, advisor, and the counselor.

The number and nature of meetings with the counselor will be determined by the needs and investment of individual students.  Some students will meet with the counselor several times per week, while others will meet with the counselor less often during the course of the summer.

Depending on the needs of the students, our counselor will also provide group counseling opportunities.  From accompanying students to local AA meetings to the creation of student-inspired groups, the counselor will develop a support program that is perfectly suited for each individual.

Each student also has a faculty advisor who will help guide and support him or her throughout the summer session schedule with both formal and impromptu meetings.  The advisor will also be the primary contact with parents/guardians by calling and emailing home on a regular basis throughout the summer.  Students will receive plenty of attention, as advisors have only two to three advisees each.

For students who have never experienced a boarding school, the Oliverian summer adventure program is a great way to sample educational community life and experiential learning in a safe and supportive environment.  The mentors and counselors travel with students during adventure outings and field trips, which allows for a sense of security and relational growth.  Our student support programs provide ongoing encouragement and help students through all aspects of community living.  Counselors, advisors, and dorm parents are all ready to help students develop positive relationships, gain confidence, and balance academic and personal needs to become more independent.

For students who are considering Oliverian for the academic year, the Summer Session also provides an opportunity to become acquainted with the school while earning academic credits.  In our experience, students who begin their Oliverian experience with the Summer Session inevitably have a smoother transition into the academic year.