Alumni Stories

Anuj Goel

Anuj Goel

AGE : 21

My Place in the World
I am currently a senior Industrial Design student at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). I also have a job with the school at the Jump Start program where, a week prior to school starting, select incoming freshmen with disabilities, physical or mental, move in early. We teach them how to self-advocate in school and the workplace and generally how to stay positive in college.

My Self
I am extremely empathetic and that, in a way, guided my decisions. I wanted to work at Jump start to help people especially because I first-hand experienced the difficulty of college as an incoming freshman with depression.

My People
I have always been awkward in social settings, and for the most part, that hasn’t changed too much. However, I now have a job where I stand in front of 120 or so students and their parents and must speak to them so I am getting much better. Friends wise, I keep a small but close group of people around me in school and have formed a life-long connection.

My Purpose
My dream is to have at least one of my designs save, or better, a life. I want to protect people the best I can and that means double for those who are going through difficult times whether from illness or disability.

Best Oli Memory
That’s a tricky question. I loved a lot about Oliverian. From the entertaining bus rides to Canon Mountain to the weekly trips to Sushi and Friendly’s. I really cannot nail down one for each faculty member from my time let alone as a whole.

Best thing about Oli
It’s a family. Short and sweet answer but it’s the truest thing I know. Oliverian is my second family and always will be. I cherish most of the people there both faculty and friends to this day and often find myself missing it. Missing the sense of place, I had where I could feel safe and myself around everyone around me. I still talk to my friends from there to this day and am better for it.

Why I Needed Oliverian
I came to Oliverian in Junior year of high school around 5 years back (wow how has it been so long?) and I was an anxious and depressed wreck. For a while I even tried to hide it because I naturally didn’t want to feel like I would be judged but as I got to know everyone, I grew out of that. If it weren’t for Oliverian, not only do I think I would not have even found the major I am in now, I would not have been as positive and happy as I am now. I am far more confident and have a higher chance of success now than if I hadn’t gone. I owe where I am now to Oliverian and all its wonderful people

Why the World Needs Oliverian
The world can use a million more Oliverians. The scale of the school is small, making it have the family style feeling, the faculty are amazing and helpful, and everyone is there for each other. It is one of those places where if you put your 100% in, you get 1000% back. I have too many positive memories, from splitting wood with FJ, gaming and talking Doctor Who with Lisa, morning conversations with Kimberly, talking with Abby about how to get to where I am now, joking around with Shalen, listening to music with Lucas, and of course hanging out with my advisor, Wil. I loved every faculty member as if they were my family.