Marie Greene

October 21, 2021
“Spooky New England” history class

“Spooky New England” History Class

Elective’s week “Spooky New England” history class spent the week traveling throughout NH, VT, and […]Read More >
October 19, 2021
Halloween arts and crafts

It’s Starting to Feel Like Halloween :)

Students enjoy a Halloween-themed dorm activity night with some arts, crafts, and impromptu face painting!Read More >
October 18, 2021
Pumpkin chunkin finale electives week

Elective’s Week Pumpkin Chunkin Finale!

Last week during elective’s week, science students created a model trebuchet in preparation for building […]Read More >
October 15, 2021
oliverian astronomy club

Astronomy Club

The Oliverian campus is a beautiful place for our students to explore nature and really […]Read More >