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Brett Wanner

Music Teacher

Music Teacher, has had extensive experience as a performer, producer, and recording artist, and is still engaged in all three activities. When not immersed in the musical world, Brett enjoys an occasional soccer match. While he played soccer at a very competitive level in his youth, Brett now coaches others to their fullest potential. Brett lives in Lyme, New Hampshire with his wife. Marilyn, and two children, Addison and Lena.

Through his experiences and independent study, Brett is able to provide an interesting and unique perspective on the world of music at Oliverian. He is able to meet our students at their individual musical levels and provide them with opportunities for growth in varied areas ranging from songwriting to music business and recording arts. He wishes to provide our students with a music program that is engaging, challenging, fun, and focused on student compositions. Brett lives for those moments when “the creative spark ignites and gives birth to a work that was previously nonexistent.”

What do you love most about Oliverian?
“We are privileged to witness miracles every year as we work with our students.”

What motivates you to work with kids?
“I like to be a part of the process of discovery. Sometimes I'm right in the middle of it, other times I'm at the fringes, but I find reward in being there at those moments when I know that something has clicked for a student. The process of getting them to that point is an art. It's different for each person. I enjoy the puzzle that each student presents.”