Creative Fun During Covid

Creative Fun During Covid

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Creative Fun During Covid
April 23, 2021

A year after this pandemic started, we are still living in a world that is somewhat shutdown.  You can go out to dinner or gather in small groups of friends, but how do you satisfy your need for fun?  

People have been creative and taken this year to explore and grow in new ways, like learning a new language or how to play an instrument, or go for walks with loved ones, have Zoom game nights, etc.  But sometimes there are no substitutes:  going out to the movies or a coffee shop for an open mic night, attending a concert, or going to a museum?  I say, “if you can’t go to a coffee house, bring the coffee house to you!”  

This quarter staff hosted a Coffee House and Student Showcase evening.  We recreated a coffee house atmosphere complete with an espresso machine, barista, food, an art décor of student and staff art, and open mic.  We had to find creative ways to fulfill the need for fun we are missing.  In the fall, we couldn’t go to the movies, so we brought the Drive-in experience to Oliverian; all we needed were a few comfy chairs, a large screen, and a projector that we set up outside.  Specialty dinners have also been a success, with themes of Mardi Gras and Beach Day BBQ, a murder mystery dinner game: cook, dress and decorate to that theme…bam, you have a night full of fun!  A little extra planning and creativity goes a long way.

This past weekend our students had a blast engaging with some creative on-campus activities. From sushi making to an epic paintball game.  There is still fun to be had at ‘home.’


Connor Fahey,
Dean of Dorm Parents