Lauren Diorio

Lee Morrison
December 8, 2017
Kate Lewis
September 1, 2020

Lauren Diorio

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Lauren Diorio

Dorm Parent/Adventure Teacher


Lauren Diorio, originally from Maine, found her love for the Northeast kept her in the area. Lauren graduated with a B.A. from Plymouth State University and has worked in the mental health field since. Lauren continues pursuing a well-rounded perspective of this field through experience ranging from residential treatment centers and acute psychiatric settings to alternative boarding schools.

While new to Oliverian, Lauren is very familiar with the area, having worked in the valley for the past five years. Oliverian’s location in the White Mountains is one of Lauren’s favorite places to be, and she holds a deep appreciation for the outdoors. She also loves that Oliverian allows her to incorporate the outdoors into the students’ everyday lives. Working with teenagers allows for no two days to be the same. Oli students in particular, motivate Lauren to constantly adapt and adjust her perspective; Lauren believes there is no way to effectively work with youth AND be set in your own ways.