Melodie Hayes

Melodie Hayes

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Melodie Hayes

Director of Admissions and Business Development


Melodie has spent her professional life working her passion for helping others create better lives for themselves.  Melodie started this journey almost thirty years ago at The Foundation for Independent Living, a program for adults with special needs and learning disabilities.  Melodie started as a skills coach and worked her way to the executive director position. Like Oliverian, The Foundation for Independent Living is a non-profit educational organization that serves clients from all over the US and around the world.

Melodie is part of a large and close-knit family, including a sibling with special needs, which inspired her to follow her passion and values of family and integrity.  Saying what she means and meaning what she says (but saying it nicely!) is important to Melodie.  She believes in creating strong connections with people through open, honest communication without judgment.  Because of this, Melodie makes a perfect fit to represent Oliverian.

A mother of two children, Amanda and Logan (also known as her pride and joy), Melodie deeply and personally understands the responsibility parents entrust to Oliverian.  Melodie’s focused goals are to continue the tradition of supporting this unique environment for all current students and families and helping those still seeking to find their way to the love and support at Oliverian.

What do you love most about Oliverian?

The passion of the faculty to work with the students here is tangible.  Getting to know each unique student as they are and watching them grow as unique individuals is a blessing.   Who wouldn’t love that? That’s what we do.

What motivates you to work with kids?

There is nothing better than helping teenagers work toward self-acceptance, self-love, and self-growth.   How many lives do we get to enhance by working with teenagers?  I don’t know because the numbers are limitless.  I do know the return is tremendous and full of joy.