Sharon McCallie-Steller

Sharon McCallie-Steller

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Sharon McCallie-Steller



Sharon, Oliverian Counselor, is a lifelong New England resident, currently resides in Vermont, where she has lived with her husband and four sons for close to 20 years. Sharon received her BA in English Communications from the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts before returning to school as an adult learner for an MS in Mental Health Counseling from Springfield College.

Prior to joining the Oliverian family, Sharon’s career took her on a journey through many roles in various industries. Though she initially intended to work with adults, Sharon soon discovered she had a passion for helping young people. Sharon worked with adolescents in substance abuse treatment and served in a highly-specialized treatment program for adolescents with anxiety disorders, OCD, and depression. Sharon’s unique combination of parenting experience, volunteer work with adolescents, and life experience brings a special set of skills to the Oliverian campus, where she works as a counselor and Assistant to the Head of School. At Oli, she hopes to help young people overcome their struggles, improve connections with their families, and gain a sense of autonomy and self-acceptance.

She and her husband love working on their hobby farm in Vermont, getting outdoors, and spending time with their children and grandchildren.

What do you love most about Oliverian?
“I believe that the Oliverian approach is unique and truly needed. I’m excited to partner so closely with the team of dedicated faculty, counselors, and dorm parents who all work to help students reach their own versions of success. I am also excited to move beyond the counselor role and work directly with the Head of School on special projects. Oliverian has a unique and powerful approach and I am looking forward to being a part of that.”

What motivates you to work with kids?
“I have a passion for helping kids wade through what gets in the way of reaching their potential. I want to help them forge their own path towards meaning, purpose, and contentedness while following their passions. My amazing sons keep me motivated to help other kids. Seeing them experience a sense of safety while exploring life has become my passion and it keeps me present each day at work.”

Sharon is also featured in the New York Times Magazine here.