Will Tracy

Will Tracy

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Will Tracy

Adventure Pillar Teacher

603-989-5100, ext. 7047

Will leads a life and career based around sharing his passion for wilderness and adventure, with a strong belief that everyone needs this balance. Upon making his escape from central Pennsylvania, Will spent all of his time losing himself in the mountains and experiencing the subsequent personal growth that followed.

Will attended Plymouth State University, where he earned a B.A. in adventure education with a minor in mental health studies. Will quickly began working in the field where he accrued over 500 days of professional outdoor leadership in the backcountry. Will gained experience as the Adventure Module Leader at Mountain Valley Treatment Center, as a Field Guide at Open Sky Wilderness Therapy, and as an Adventure Coordinator at the Upper Valley Stewardship Center. Furthermore, Will has been able to develop his entrepreneurship as the Program Director for BeWild where he devised an adventure curriculum for local public schools in Colorado. Additionally, Will returned to his alma mater where he had the opportunity to teach adventure education at the college level. Will has a passion for making a positive impact on the lives of young people and sharing the healing power of the natural world that he has grown to appreciate and love.

In his free time, you can find Will climbing rocks and ice, paddling in whitewater, mountain biking, running in the mountains, caving, and skiing in the backcountry.

What do you love most about Oliverian?

“I love the opportunities that the land of the Oliverian Valley has to offer; the fields, woods, rivers, lakes, and mountains provide the ultimate environment for growth in our students.”

What motivate you to work with kids?

“I am passionate about sharing the challenge of the wilderness with young people who are searching for their place in the world. I believe that instilling a connection between teenagers and the outdoors is critical for ensuring the care of our planet for future generations. ”