It’s the first year of [email protected]!

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It’s the first year of [email protected]!
July 16, 2021

It’s the first year of [email protected], our Outdoor Leadership Intensive track for Summer Session! Over the past few weeks, our students have taken part in many outdoor activities and adventures including caving and canoeing trips, with plenty more to come!

While all summer session students have access to a variety of fun and engaging outdoor activities, [email protected] students focus their summer on building a combination of soft skills such as group development, teamwork, and cooperation, alongside hard skills in adventure and outdoor leadership. Learning ranges from the classroom to the great outdoors. We have crafted this program to be suitable for students of a range of ability and experience levels. Students familiar with wilderness are reviewing and building on their existing skills, while students new to the backcountry are getting their first experience of the amazing alchemy of tranquility and excitement that comes with wilderness adventures.

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