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Julie Tracy-Prieboy


Counselor, joins Oliverian from West Virginia and a therapeutic boarding school where she was the equine therapy coordinator. Julie is a licensed independent social worker who attended Boston College, earning a BA in sociology, theology, and women’s studies. During her time in college, Julie volunteered and traveled extensively in the Appalachians, as well as Central and South America. Following her undergraduate experience, Julie joined an intentional community in West Virginia doing non-profit, low-income home repair. Following a few years exploring and volunteering in Appalachia, she returned to New England and worked as a chaplain at the University of New Hampshire where she earned Master’s degrees in science for kinesiology and social work, specializing in adventure therapy. For over ten years, Julie has worked within educational settings, social services, homeless outreach, low-income home repair, adult and teenager addiction work, family therapy, equine assisted psychotherapy, and adventure therapy.

Julie is delighted to join Oliverian as a counselor and remains truly interested about interactions between people, families, and academics. For Julie, it is critical to create space within a living-learning community for growth, exploration, and sometimes getting the process of discovery wrong. She shares that, “we all know that ‘growing up’ can be messy, but I work to provide a safe environment for young adults and families to authentically explore their relationship with themselves, the environment, their peers, and the larger community.” Outside of work, Julie can be found exploring her environment through activism work, growing things, hula hooping, doing some carpentry, hiking, kayaking, or spending time with her family. She looks to live a joy-filled life that is grounded through community, challenge, and the wholehearted pursuit of growth.

Julie loves that as a counselor at Oliverian, she can live out her work/life balance in vulnerable and real ways with the students. She loves that the students and faculty challenge her to be authentic in her values.