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Megan Hanrahan

Respite Dorm Parent and Maryland native

Respite Dorm Parent and Maryland native, earned her bachelor’s in psychology from Colorado Christian University and is currently pursuing her master’s in clinical mental health counseling at Plymouth State University. Megan has over ten years of experience working with children of all ages and a broad range of abilities. This experience includes being a nanny to a teenager with Down syndrome, and teaching in a special education classroom.

Megan feels that struggling with learning disabilities as a child has deepened her empathy for others. She is both pursuing a master’s in counseling and working at Oliverian because of her desire to meet people where they are in life and give them the tools they need to succeed.

Megan has traveled extensively and has lived in a variety of regions, including Lima, Peru and Boulder, CO. She feels at home in the outdoors, and enjoys activities such as hiking, rock climbing, and ice climbing. She also dabbles in art, and her newest passion is pottery.

What do you love most about Oliverian?
“I love that Oliverian accepts each student for who they are. They are great at balancing this, and simultaneously pushing these students to be their best. I have noticed that one of the characteristics unique to Oliverian students is their ability to think critically. I think that this is because of the individual attention they receive from the well-educated, critical thinking staff at Oliverian. Working at Oliverian, I feel like my life is making a difference in the lives of others.”

What motivates you to work with kids?
“I like working with students during their high school years because I feel like it is such a critical time in their lives. They are trying to figure out who they are and what they want out of their life. After high school they embark on a journey that will direct the outcome of that life. I remember this time in my life being stressful, and I appreciate all the people that helped me navigate through. I guess I just want to be there for our students the way others were there for me.”