Oliverian School Defines Admissions “Sweet Spot” Amidst the COVID 19 Pandemic

Oliverian School Defines Admissions “Sweet Spot” Amidst the COVID 19 Pandemic

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Oliverian School Defines Admissions “Sweet Spot” Amidst the COVID 19 Pandemic
November 11, 2020
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Published November 11, 2020 – All Kinds of Therapy.com
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Oliverian School is a hybrid boarding school located in New Hampshire which balances the best parts of therapeutic and traditional boarding schools. Oliverian provides struggling students a safe, relational, educational community where students can find their place in the world. Since the COVID 19 pandemic continues to severely affect the state of education in this country, Oliverian School provides a unique opportunity for students who would benefit from a community that is academically and socially safe.

As high school students continue to struggle with the challenges of remote or hybrid learning, they are missing traditional milestones. They are increasingly isolated from their peers and are reporting more anxiety and depression. Students with learning disabilities are finding it nearly impossible to access academics remotely.

Oliverian provides a school for students who might be struggling socially and provides the community activities that they so desperately need for adolescent development. Will Laughlin, Head of School, says, “Two things that students struggle with during this time (COVID) are their sense of safety and their sense of connection. At Oli we are a self-contained community/family so we are able to provide safety by being insulated. We also provide a real sense of nurturance and connectedness because we are a community where peers and adults wrap around each other in a supportive way.”  Dorms are set up as family units, counselors and staff live close to or on campus, and there is a true, authentic commitment to accepting every student for who they are.

COVID-19 has forced every school in America to examine how to keep their students safe.  At Oliverian, prioritizing not only physical safety but also academic, social, and emotional safety. Oliverian admissions focus on admitting students who are willing to attend a small, co-ed, college-prep boarding school. These students may have a diagnosed learning disability, issues with motivation, or emotional challenges in larger school settings. Oliverian students benefit from therapeutically informed teachers and staff and on-site counseling. The students at Oliverian are willing to further their skills and face their barriers safely in a nurturing all boarding community.


About the Oliverian School

Oliverian School, located in Pike, New Hampshire, is a non-profit all gender boarding school with college prep academics and an average class size of five and a one to one faculty to student ratio, including three full-time licensed therapists. Our campus is contiguous with 2000 acres of recreational preserve land. Oliverian is licensed by the state of New Hampshire and accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.  For more information please contact our Admissions Department at 888.922.5565