About Therapeutic Boarding Schools In New Hampshire For Struggling Students
Oliverian Overview

Education is not the preparation for life; education is life itself. — John Dewey

At Oliverian, we believe that an education is a dynamic and interactive process with the student playing a critical and active role. Not only do Oliverian teachers provide a challenging education, they also are here to live and learn with our students every day.

Somewhere inside, every student shines.

Who doesn’t aspire to find that elusive place where we feel we belong? Where right away we know we are welcome, loved, respected, important, and at home. Where we can proudly thrive and prosper.

For many students, ordinary high school is not that place. When this becomes obvious to the students and their parents, there are few choices they can make. They can stay put, and settle for less than what their child deserves. Or they can pursue one of two extremes: therapeutic schools, which may be overly interventionist and restrictive, or traditional prep schools, which may not offer enough support or fully address the development of the whole person.

Oliverian is the long-awaited alternative.  The best of both worlds.  A unique place where students freely learn to love learning itself.  Because all along, they are learning to know and love themselves too.

Nestled on a beautiful campus with access to over 1,800 pristine acres near New Hampshire’s breathtaking Presidential Mountain Range, The Oliverian School is a small, supportive, and challenging educational alternative for boys and girls in grades 9-12. Oliverian is a bridge to college and life success, providing an intentional blend of the expectations, privileges, and academic focus of a traditional boarding school with a unique approach to learning and greater support for students. Crafted for those who may have struggled in a more traditional school setting, the entire Oliverian program, from dormitory life to the classroom experience, is designed to help students find inspiration, success, support, and independence.


Prep for college, prep for life.

The Oliverian academic program is designed to balance a focus on college preparation with a creative and progressive approach that helps support, motivate and empower students for learning and life. Classes are small, with an average class size of seven students per class. Oliverian’s core curriculum of humanities, science, mathematics and foreign language is supplemented with elective courses in studio art, music, adventure, and stewardship. Our classes strive to inspire our students to listen, speak, read, write, research, create, interpret, and analyze with ever increasing breadth, depth, and complexity. With a focus on experiential learning and student choice, teachers and students learn together during the distinct week-long intensive electives held at least twice each year.

To receive a diploma from The Oliverian School, students must successfully earn eight credits in humanities (English, social science and history), three credits in mathematics, three credits in science, three credits in foreign language, and one credit during each year of Oliverian attendance in fine arts, stewardship, and adventure. In addition, students must complete an integrated independent project in their senior year based on their own personal goals and interests.


Supportive teachers in the classroom, entire support teams outside of it.

Student support at Oliverian is integrated into all aspects of the program and life of the School. Connections are the foundation of Oliverian support, and our comfortable size ensures that we all truly know each other. Small classes are essential to our students’ academic success. With an average class size of seven, teachers have the ability to better adapt to  the learning styles of every student in the room. All students also have the benefit of an academic resource class taught by a learning specialist with need-based support.

Beyond the classroom, each student also has the benefit of a student support team. While the entire faculty reaches out to every student, the student’s personal team is made up of an advisor, counselor, and dorm parent. The team is actively working toward finding each student’s unique balancing point between support and challenge, freedom and responsibility. The dorm parent is an advocate and life coach, helping to create a safe home and lead students toward more independent and successful living. The counselor is both professional and familiar, making him or her better able to address a student’s social and emotional needs. The advisor is not only a mentor and academic guide, but also the leader of the student’s team and the primary communication link between the student, the faculty and the family. The ultimate goal is for each senior to leave not only with a high school diploma, but also with the confidence and the ability to successfully move on toward greater independence.


A beautiful, rural campus provides the ideal setting for an Oliverian education.

Oliverian is located in Pike, New Hampshire on a scenic campus that incorporates a combination of former farm buildings and those built specifically for the School. Students live in small converted farmhouses with caring and committed dorm parents to help make dorms feel more like home. In addition to our academic building, we have a student center with a small library, exercise/game room, snack bar, and lounge area with access to the internet and cable television. We also have hiking, horseback riding, cross-country skiing, and mountain biking trails spread throughout the surrounding woods and fields. The Oliverian Brook meanders through the campus and is used for fishing, swimming and science projects. The entire campus, including the brook and trail system, provides great resources for our science, stewardship, adventure, and horsemanship programs.

Oliverian is located within easy driving distance of a wide range of New England towns and resources. Weekend trips for students include activities such as dinner and a movie  in Hanover, New Hampshire, exploring the college town of Burlington, Vermont,  taking in a hockey or soccer game at Dartmouth College, rock climbing at Rumney, or skiing/ snowboarding at Cannon Mountain.