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Kiernan Anzelc

"This school is an amazing, transforming place. It has been a perfect fit for our son and he is so grateful to be there. We feel a debt of gratitude to the amazing staff—what a wonderful group of people. We did thorough research and don't believe there is another place like it. Anywhere."

Richelle Burnett

"Thanks you for creating a program where students who are non-traditional learners can find global success. At Oliverian Joshua found academic success for the first time in a very long time. He learned to take responsibility for his behavior and accept consequences without opposition. Whenever I spoke with Joshua while at Oliverian, he was euphoric about some new experience whether it was paddle boating, or whitewater rafting, or just being at Oliverian School. Oliverian was the miracle for which I had been praying. The encouragement he received from your staff was positive and priceless. I am eternally grateful."

Wendy Atkins-Doniger

"You were patient, tolerant and dedicated to our daughter. She tested the system, did a lot of growing up, made friends for life, and still keeps in touch with the faculty. She wouldn't have graduated high school on time if it hadn't been for this school. Their teachers and staff were wonderful. A unique school for unique kids."

Jan Herrick

"Oliverian set Teddy up for success in more ways than we could have imagined. We are forever grateful that Teddy found your school, and especially to the special people she connected with during her time at Oliverian. The work you do empowers students to become who they are and to really connect with themselves. We sensed that Teddy was on a great trajectory when she graduated from Oliverian but did not imagine the greatness she would achieve six months down the road. Physically, she is testing herself and finding that she can trust her strength. Teddy is solid, excited, engaged."

Jonathan Lampert

"Oliverian is a special school for a special kind of student: one who hasn't fit into a ‘normal school’ environment for whatever reason, but is searching for a community where they will be accepted. If the fit is right, Oliverian can work wonders. No group of educators is more dedicated to their students and willing to love them like family."

Ray Walton

"What if the most amazing collection of human beings on the planet hadn’t come together in New Hampshire with a daring mission to change the trajectory of troubled young people? What if the community of Haverhill didn’t embrace Oliverian and the Oliverian mission? What if there weren’t people in this world capable of loving another individual’s child as much as their own?"