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You can’t find your place in the world if you don’t know who you are. Identity formation is the most important developmental task of adolescence and, for many Oliverian students, it’s also been the most confusing, elusive, and painful. That’s why we work hard to support each Oli student’s unique quest for a natural, authentic, and confident sense of self. And since “finding yourself” is part discovery and part invention, Oliverian is a safe place to ask questions and try things on for size without fear.

  • "Oliverian is a special school for a special kind of student: one who hasn't fit into a ‘normal school’ environment for whatever reason, but is searching for a community where they will be accepted. If the fit is right, Oliverian can work wonders. No group of educators is more dedicated to their students and willing to love them like family."


Counseling Incognito

Our masters level clinicians use the most current psychotherapeutic modalities to help students heal and grow. But it’s not uncommon for this serious personal growth work to take place over burgers at a local diner, during a walk in the woods, or while creaking up the mountain on a ski lift! The natural, relational aspects of “counseling incognito” are extremely effective for students who are “over therapized” or otherwise therapy resistant.

counseling-Program Features


One hour per week; additional sessions as needed/requested and significant informal access to their counselor.


Our four masters level counselors are approved to provide psychotherapy in New Hampshire.


Our students are diverse in terms of their counseling profile, needs, experience, and willingness to engage. That’s why we employ a highly individualized, highly relational approach.


We want students to become savvy, self-directed consumers of counseling, so we entrust them with a high degree of control over their own personal growth process.


SMART recovery support and access to local 12-step groups; on-campus recovery groups as demand dictates.


Our therapists have training and experience in depression and anxiety, trauma, autism-spectrum, sexual and gender identity, emotional dysregulation, family systems therapy, substance abuse and SMART Recovery, motivational interviewing, process addiction, budding personality disorders, NVLD, and more.


Only 40 minutes from Dartmouth College and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, our students have access to some of the best medical and mental health services in the country.


Four counselors for 40 – 50 students means manageable caseloads and ample counseling attention.


Our counseling department includes four masters level clinicians, one masters level intern, an RN, and a consulting nurse practitioner; we work closely with each other, with other departments, and with other involved professionals — such as home therapists or physicians — as appropriate.