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Our graduates and parents are much more articulate about what makes Oliverian special than we could ever be. So please enjoy these love notes to Oliverian…and try not to blush.

And from all of us at Oliverian to all of our former students: we love you too!

Shelly Stein

"I’ve never felt more supported, more beautiful, or more free to explore who I am than when I was at Oliverian.  Everyone at college keeps saying how glad they are to be out of high school, and it makes me so grateful for my unique experience."

Tim Bates

"I would not be the person I am today if it were not for each and every person at Oliverian.  Their patience, compassion, and constantly guiding hands caused me, forced me, to grow in to the man I am now finally becoming."

Sarah Hampton

"The biggest thing for me was that I had tons of support from peers and staff at Oliverian.  I was always supported when I was struggling and I never felt alone.  The culture at Oliverian was always fun and very accepting.  Everyone could relate to each other!  We all had our own stories of struggles so there was barely any judgment.  The small classes and school as a whole were a lot less overwhelming for me.  I got so close with everyone and I loved that.  I got to know my teachers really well and it totally felt like family."

Jake Giardina

"Oliverian is designed to support you. It’s okay to make mistakes here— you grow and learn from them rather than feeling miserable about yourself and making things worse. The school helps you get on your feet and teaches you how to move on with life. Right when you get comfortable, they ease up on the support, and leave you more on your own. At that point, I had to rely more on self-motivation. I began to feel more confident in myself. Oliverian really prepares you for life. I feel ready to keep my life up and moving; if I do screw up again, I know it isn’t the end of the world. I can move on from it. I have more confidence now, and no longer do just the minimum to get by in life. I am ready to make my life work."

Anuj Goel

"This school has something no other schools have—individual care and love. I love this school so much because it got me to where I am today.  Oliverian is a place where you are loved personally by staff and other students and suddenly you realize this isn’t just a school—it is a family.   I appreciate everyone at Oliverian for existing and for being there for students like me.  You are a hero.  Oliverian may not be the hero students think they want... but it definitely is the hero they need."

Marie Greene

"Oliverian School is an amazing place that provided me with the comfort and support I needed to reach my goals. It helped me to overcome so many aspects of my life as I travel the path towards my goals, a path which I couldn't have even discovered without the wonderful people in this loving community."

Current Student

Oli is a school full of incredibly brilliant and incredibly kind people.  The teachers at Oli are some of the smartest and most knowledgeable people I’ve ever met and all of them bring all sorts of really cool experiences and amazing new things to learn. On top of that, it’s located in a really beautiful area surrounded by forests and mountains.  Putting those two things together makes Oli a really nice place to learn and grow.