What’s love got to do with it?

Everything, it turns out. Research supports what we see everyday: connection, rapport, and plain old love can vastly accelerate learning and personal growth.

  • "I’ve never felt more supported, more beautiful, or more free to explore who I am than when I was at Oliverian.  Everyone at college keeps saying how glad they are to be out of high school, and it makes me so grateful for my unique experience."
    Shelly Stein
  • "I would not be the person I am today if it were not for each and every person at Oliverian.  Their patience, compassion, and constantly guiding hands caused me, forced me, to grow in to the man I am now finally becoming."
    Tim Bates
  • "At Oliverian, I found the motivation  to pick up an instrument and let it engulf my life.  Because of that, music is a huge part of me.  And that wouldn’t have happened anywhere else."
    Nick de Stefanis ’14
  • Oli is a school full of incredibly brilliant and incredibly kind people.  The teachers at Oli are some of the smartest and most knowledgeable people I’ve ever met and all of them bring all sorts of really cool experiences and amazing new things to learn. On top of that, it’s located in a really beautiful area surrounded by forests and mountains.  Putting those two things together makes Oli a really nice place to learn and grow.
    Current Student

Is Oli right for you?

When a student feels accepted, connected, and “at home,” their capacity for schoolwork and personal growth increases exponentially. That’s why bright students who have not thrived elsewhere find success at Oliverian.

Oliverian prepares students for college and independence using a challenging but highly relational pedagogy. We treat students’ academic, counseling, and social needs as interdependent and equally important. And with a nearly 1:1 staff to student ratio, we have the bandwidth to customize support in every area for each student.

Our three main program components — college-preparatory academics, counseling, and student life — all balance freedom with support so that students learn experientially, from both successes and mistakes.


Nearly 1:1 staff to student ratio.

Classes averaging 4 – 8 students with 1-1 tutoring and office-hours support.

Executive-functioning support and coaching from NYU-trained faculty.

Interdisciplinary teams dedicated to each child consisting of a counselor, teacher, and dorm parent.

Masters level counselors approved to provide psychotherapy in New Hampshire.

Faculty live on campus with students.

College-preparatory academics with a 90+% matriculation rate.

Life-preparatory curriculum to prepare students experientially for life after high school.

“Open home” faculty policy — students frequent our homes for meals, games, movies, homework, and other “normal” home activities.

Grounded in research — including Self-Determination Theory, Mindset Theory, Family-Systems Approach, Authoritative Parenting Style, etc.

Academic support and accommodations for unconventional learners.