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Following are some of the questions we get most frequently from prospective students and parents.  If you don’t find the answer to your question below, just give us a call at 888.922.5565!  In fact, give us a call anyway!


Oliverian is an alternative to both.  We are a college-preparatory high school with a very high staff to student ratio, small individualized classes, and academic, counseling, and social-skills support.  As such, we are a hybrid school that combines the best of traditional, alternative, and therapeutic education for students who want support but in a “normal” school environment.

Is Oliverian for-profit or non-profit? 

Oliverian is a non-profit 501(c)3 with oversight from a voluntary board of trustees.

Is Oliverian affiliated with any other schools or programs? 

No.  Oliverian is a completely independent non-profit boarding school.

What is your average class size?

We average about five (5) students per class.

Are any Oliverian students school district funded?

Yes, we typically have several students whose tuition is paid by their school district.

What is your accreditation status?

Oliverian is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)

Do you have experience with LGBTQ students?

Yes. We have always been a profoundly diverse and accepting community.

What is your staff to student ratio?

About 1.2 to 1 at our average student body size of 40 FTEs.

Can my child come home to visit?

Yes!  Moving back and forth between school and home is an important part of our school culture and helps students (and families) learn to manage transitions.  We have regular school vacations between each term during which all students leave campus.  Students also have a limited number of home visits allowable each term. We encourage keeping these to a minimum since much or our social skills learning and extra curriculars happen on weekends.

Will my child be able to  use his/her cell phone and computers?

Yes. It is critical that students learn experientially how to manage these freedoms.  We offer feedback, support, and counseling when students are found to be abusing technology.  When appropriate, access to these items may be temporarily restricted.

What activities will they do during free time and weekends?

Students help create and select extracurricular activities.  Depending on interest, students might ski, shop, spend a day at the beach in Maine or at a local lake, go into town for pizza or Thai food, hike, rock climb, go to the movies, et cetera.  Students also have opportunities for interscholastic soccer and basketball per demand.

How’s the food?

Our meals are prepared by a trained chef using locally sourced—often organic, free range, and grass fed—ingredients.  Meals are healthly and delicious and served family style in our dining hall where students eat with our faculty and their families.

Will my child fit in there?

Will they make friends easily?
Our small community is extremely accepting and most students find it easier than usual to connect and find friends here.

Will my child be able to see a therapist? How often?

Yes. Each student is assigned a therapist and our default frequency for sessions is once a week. Students may meet more frequently as needed.

Is there SAT/ACT prep?

Yes, as part of our standard college and transition counseling program.

What’s the male/female student ratio at Oliverian?

We have a very typical ratio of approximately 40% girls and 60% boys.

Can my child speak with a current student before they enroll?

Yes!  We have arranged for prospective students to speak with current students in the past, both during their visit to the school and via video calls.


You can also read alumni reviews and testimonials here to get a better sense of Oliverian students and their success stories.

I have other questions not on this list—whom should I contact?

Prospective families should speak with our admissions office at 888.922.5565, [email protected] (you can request a conference with any school leadership or staff through this office). Enrolled families can feel free to ask their advisor or any other member of the faculty or leadership team.