Alternative Boarding Schools in New England - Oliverian School
Our Students

It’s not about where you’ve been. It’s about where you’re going.

No matter what school experiences students have had in the past, Oliverian’s focus is on their present and future. Our students are at the very core of the Oliverian mission. The School exists and the faculty are here to support students who have been underserved and unsatisfied in traditional school settings, but are still motivated to learn and grow. While students should not be defined by their struggles, we believe that developing self-awareness of strengths and weaknesses and challenges and opportunities is a key to academic and life success.

Oliverian students are ready to become active participants in their own education. We strive to empower them with a varied curriculum and opportunities to make choices surrounding their education.  We believe this gives them ownership of, and pride in, the individual path they choose.

We are often asked to identify the typical Oliverian student, and we tend to resist categories because we believe it is so important to treat every student as a unique individual. However, over the years, we have discovered the following types of students  have thrived at Oliverian:

The unhappy learner who sees him or herself as a unique and different, often because he or she may have had social and academic struggles and has felt like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole at more traditional schools. While such a student may have faced social, emotional or academic challenges, these are more likely symptoms of a poor school match rather than primary causes in and of themselves.

The learning challenged student who has mild to moderate learning challenges, from attention and executive functioning deficits, to non-verbal learning disorders and processing issues.

The socially/emotionally challenged student, who is likely to have one or more of a range of mild to moderate social and emotional challenges, such as ADD/ADHD, depression, anxiety, and non-verbal learning disorder.

The recovery student who is committed to working on his or her sobriety. While we are not a substance abuse treatment center, we offer a real-life environment with support for students who are genuinely seeking help with recovery.

Our students typically arrive at Oliverian because of challenges they have faced, but graduate poised to focus on their strengths and to take the next steps beyond high school with confidence.