Non-Traditional College Preparatory High School Education Programs

The Oliverian School offers a college-preparatory educational program that caters to the special strengths and specific needs of our unique students.  Nontraditional learners will thrive in our supportive environment designed to facilitate student success by building knowledge in core subject areas such as Science, Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Foreign Language.

Additionally, we believe that any high school education program would be incomplete without teaching life skills, which is why we have incorporated stewardship, experiential education, health and physical education, and the fine arts into our program.  Students at The Oliverian School grow academically and personally with the guidance of experienced faculty.

Students have access to our education program year-round, with the option to attend our summer program.  Along with providing support and tutoring to help our students recover credits and build academic skills, our summer session provides exciting and challenging enrichment and outdoor adventure opportunities.  The entire program, from dormitory life to the classroom experience, is designed to help students with diverse interests and learning styles find support, inspiration, and success.

Oliverian’s dedication to ensuring that every student reaches his or her full potential both inside and out of the classroom, our low student-faculty ratios, our inspiring outdoor adventure and experiential learning programs, and our flexible rolling admissions process, sets us apart from competing programs.  Our unique approach to nontraditional high school education is woven into every aspect of life at Oliverian, academically and beyond.

Superior academic instruction begins with quality teachers, which is why we created the Fund for Faculty Professional Development.  Established in 2009 to honor Founding Headmaster Barclay Mackinnon, this fund is used to support the continuing education of our talented teachers.

Prior to graduation, our students are required to plan and complete a comprehensive senior project that showcases the specialized skills, academic talents, and unique personal abilities they have developed during their time at Oliverian.  Completion of the senior project speaks as a testament to our graduates’ dedication to achieving both personal and academic success, as well as their readiness to take on the unique challenges posed by the approaching transition from high school into college or the working world.