COVID-19 Update – Distance Learning

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March 20, 2020
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March 23, 2020

COVID-19 Update – Distance Learning

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COVID-19 Update – Distance Learning
March 18, 2020
Dear Parents:
Thank you so much for moving quickly in response to this weekend’s communications.  All students are now scheduled to leave campus by the end of today.
Whether they show it or not, most if not all of our students are very sensitive to the unknowns we all face.  We know that you are likely quite anxious too.  As I have said in my last few notes, we are in this together…even when apart.
While we cannot predict when our campus will reopen for business as usual, classes are still scheduled to resume as planned on April 7–whether here on campus or from a distance.  If we are not able to have students return to Pike come April 7, I will send you a weekly (at minimum) email that will include a rolling two-week advance notice of Oliverian’s campus closure status so that you have time to anticipate and plan for your child’s return to campus.  While we are hopeful for a rapid return to normalcy, we are preparing for every eventuality.
To that end, our distance learning and support plan, should we need it, will start with a customized schedule for your child to help them (and you) structure their weekdays.  Teachers will send all assignments electronically and will have scheduled contact time with students (phone and/or zoom) to include a minimum of:
  • Two hours of direct instructional time per class per week
  • One advisor touch in daily
  • One advisor progress note daily (to parent and child)
  • One team lead call per week
  • One counseling session per week
  • One dorm parent call per week
  • One virtual group activity (e.g. online social chat or game with a dorm parent) per day
  • Two daily “Pillar Prompts” –30-60 minute activities (one in the arts, one in either stewardship or adventure) to be completed at students’ convenience
Parents will be provided with a minimum of:
  •  One parent coaching/counseling call per week
  •  One team lead call per week
  •  The option of a brand new digital parent support program based on the book Parallel Process (available for a nominal fee), plus  group coaching sessions with the author, Krissy Pozatek
While our distance learning and support plan is much more robust than most in terms of live support, we feel contact time is the most important component for our students–and for you!  Of course, this plan requires the cooperation of your child (therein lies the rub!) and we are prepared to support you as the key in-person agents of their engagement!
Meanwhile, even if you can’t travel or eat out or buy toilet paper, it’s spring break!  Sort of. Try to breathe and enjoy what you can and take care of yourselves and each other.   We are here if you need us.
Warmly, hopefully,
Will Laughlin, Head of School/CEO
PS  To avoid further complicating an already complicated time, we are cancelling our Spring Parent Weekend.

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