Liz Cleveland

Liz Cleveland

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Liz Cleveland

Dorm Parent & Pillar Teacher

Liz Cleveland, Dorm Parent and Pillar Teacher, first encountered residential life as a boarding student at Phillips Exeter Academy. She experienced firsthand the benefit of living alongside her classmates, and discovered a passion for furthering the same sense of community that so enriched her own high school experience.

While majoring in English and Creative Writing at Kenyon College, Liz continued to serve as a resident assistant during the school year. She spent her summers developing her teaching skills as she worked with students of all ages. As a resident assistant for the Kenyon Review Young Writers Workshop, she mentored high school students in the dorm and beyond.

After graduating from Kenyon in 2021, Liz joined Carney, Sandoe and Associates as a Placement Assistant, where she supported teachers and administrators at hundreds of independent schools across the country. Liz is thrilled to rejoin a boarding community in her home state of New Hampshire, and once again directly shape students’ residential and educational experience.

In her spare time, Liz can be found writing, singing, cooking, and reading just about every book she can find.

What do you like most about Oliverian?

I love that Oliverian is such a supportive, welcoming community, where everyone feels valued. We empower students not only to pursue their own academic and extracurricular interests, but to develop learning and life skills that will serve them wherever they may go after they graduate.

What motivates you to work with kids?

My own education was shaped so profoundly by the relationships that I formed with my teachers and dorm parents. They were so influential in guiding me toward finding my passions and values, and helped me to develop the tools I needed to take my own next steps. It’s such a privilege to be able to give students a similar space to be excited and curious about exploring the world around them at this stage in their lives.