Nico Doyle

Nico Doyle

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Nico Doyle

Dorm Parent & Pillar Teacher

Nico, an Oliverian Adventure Teacher and Dorm Parent, has been playing and working in the outdoors since he was a young teenager. Growing up in suburban Massachusetts far from the mountains, Scouts were Nico’s first exposure to outdoor activities. With his Troop, Nico went camping one weekend a month. Frolicking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, he quickly learned how much he loved the mountains. Nico’s first experiences as an outdoor educator and leader came from these trips, and inspired him to look further into an outdoor career.

Nico completed a NOLS Outdoor Educator Expedition in 2021, and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Outdoor Adventure Education from Plymouth State University in 2023. While at school, he focused on honing his teaching, facilitation, and interpersonal skills. In his free time, Nico spent countless hours in the wilderness sharpening his climbing, paddling, skiing, camping, first aid, and many other outdoor skills. During his studies, Nico explored several outdoor-related roles such as ski technician, whitewater river guide, and wilderness expedition leader.

What do you love most about Oliverian?
The thing I love most about Oliverian is the amount of opportunity we have to explore. If you are willing to spend a full day, almost no activity is out of reach. With the White Mountain National forest in our backyard, hiking, mountain biking, paddling, skiing, and more are a short drive away. With a few hours in the car, there are countless opportunities for anything from surfing waves off the coast of Maine to exploring spectacular subterranean waterfalls in the limestone caves of Vermont and New York. I hope to empower the Oliverian community with opportunities to experience the natural world through as many of these avenues as possible!

What do you love most about working with kids?
When I was a kid, I had a few phenomenal role models who provided me with desperately needed guidance. I think that as I have grown older and begun to recognize how much those folks did for me, I hope to one day empower a new generation of kids trying to discover themselves and find their place in the world. I love hearing the kids tell their favorite stories, and feel immense satisfaction knowing I am creating memories that will last a lifetime.