Shelby Scarborough

Shelby Scarborough

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Shelby Scarborough

Dorm Parent & Pillar Teacher

Shelby Scarborough, Dorm Parent, has traveled the country on a mission to build people up while enjoying an appreciation of the great outdoors. Five hours from her home in Houston Texas, her first big move in this direction came while accepting a role as Unit Leader for the Girl Scouts. It was there that she discovered her love of mentorship, overseeing counselors and guiding them when necessary. Shelby’s next adventure came from Estes Park, Colorado where she was in a mentorship program. This experience would focus on adventure, volunteering, and building life skills so that the participants were set up for success. From there, she climbed to new heights at The Outdoor School in Marble Falls, TX. This is where she found an intrinsic love for encouraging others to push past their comfort zones, to help them reach their potential. Additionally, she was grateful for the opportunity to teach classes on science, art, and nature; being able to kayak and give stargazing tours gave her much joy too.

From the initial interest in teaching, this became ever more evident when she travelled across the country to Buffalo, NY, accepting a Village Lead position. She was able to supervise and provide mentorship for the counselors, helping wherever the need arose. When the pandemic came, Shelby reluctantly put her passions aside in some capacity, but still found fulfillment in helping people and problem solving through the personal banking industry. Now with the enthusiasm and encouragement of a lifelong friend, she is excited to start a new chapter! Shelby is thrilled to return to her passion of molding young minds, by way of the curriculum and activities at this unique school.

On top of that, she is stoked to share her love of board games, hiking, yoga, cooking, meditation, and gardening. In case anyone is wondering, she is also readily available to discuss Taylor Swift discography and facts with anyone willing to listen.


What do you love most about Oliverian?

I love how the Oliveran school provides a foundation where the focus is on balance and growth, what I feel may be best for the students. Although the students may have previously stumbled through parts of their pivotal teenage years, we are here to add structure, community, and warmth to their lives. In creating a supportive environment, our goal is that the students find a sense of individuality and security that will build them up for years to come. Learning how to study and finish assignments often makes for great lesson plans but influencing young minds towards becoming lifelong learners is what I love most about taking on this role. We are here to be coaches and cheerleaders, acting as mentors, as our students come to understand themselves. With our combined efforts, they are challenged to grow into well-rounded, capable adults.


What do you love most about working with students?

Growing up, I knew all too well how it felt to be in an environment that was not ideal, a place where my focus’ fostered negative, judgmental thoughts. Not having the resources to understand myself or have a solid support structure, I began to feel inept, unmotivated, and alone. As I found more supportive outlets, I began to grow in self love and care. This newfound structure helped me realize that the problem was not who I was, that I had other options. Eventually I had to make the choice not to be so wrapped up in what others think or try to fit in the boxes they made for me. Instead, I began to find places and motivated individuals who could help me realize my own potential. This transformation inspired me to become the kind of person I wanted and needed during my youth. So here I am, excited to inspire young minds to believe in themselves, acknowledge their areas of growth, and support them in their own transformative processes. As our students will eventually blaze their own trails, we are here to create an environment where they can build confidence and develop a solid foundation along the way. In time, may they begin to believe in themselves; we are here to supplement their growth by challenging them to step outside of their comfort zones.