Happy Student Appreciation Day!

Happy Student Appreciation Day!

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Happy Student Appreciation Day!
June 1, 2021

It’s easy to think of teachers as the foundation of a school, however, students are the true heart of any school. If Oliverian didn’t have any students then there would be no Oliverian, and no Oli Family. How sad would that be? So, last Friday we celebrated our students by surprising them with Student Appreciation Day!

This celebration has been in the works for a while and we all came together to show our appreciation for the student body. The day kicked off with faculty arriving early to decorate the dorms, with students enjoying a late wake-up followed by breakfast deliveries to the dorms with time to sit, laugh, and sip coffee. Not only did the day start late, but it also ended early for our yearly tradition of a staff vs. students soccer game! The evening wrapped up with a delicious ice cream social and yearbook signing. Thank you, students, for making Oliverian a great school!

With Gratitude,
Your Oli Family Staff


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