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Kathi Sabot

RN, School Nurse

RN, School Nurse, was born in Manhattan, raised on Long Island, and socialized in Virginia. She earned her first bachelor's degree in fine arts from Carnegie-Mellon University. Her internship with the museum's Imaginarium led her to pursue a graduate certificate in art therapy from Eastern Virginia Medical School. She worked with adolescents at Tidewater Psychiatric Hospital and David C. Wilson Hospital, before earning a second bachelor's degree in nursing from the University of Virginia.

Kathi's nursing career started at the University hospital working in the maternity and newborn units. From there she joined the U.S. Public Health Service's Indian Health Service division, where she lived and worked on a remote Native American reservation, and served many tribes while living in Arizona. After working as a hospice nurse, she "discovered" school nursing, and has worked in public, tribal, and private school settings. She also loves to teach, and was a nursing instructor at Pima Community College, as well as language arts and math tutor to K-college students. Her greatest success as a tutor was with her "Little Sister" Ashley, in Big Brothers/Sisters.

Kathi loves to empower individuals to understand how to take responsibility for their health, keeping life in balance through physical, spiritual, and intellectual development. She was drawn to the Oliverian School because of its small size and the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with students while contributing to the success of the community as a whole. She loves gardening, sailing, hiking, and the results of meditation. She is a servant to two affectionate but demanding cats, Lady Fiona, and Blue Monsoon, who fortunately are quick at catching centipedes and other insects who sneak inside.

What you love most about working at Oliverian:
“Of course the natural environment, it’s beautiful, it’s alive, it connects me to a the earth’s infinite wisdom and healing. And, on the human side, the people I work with, they’re smart, funny, considerate, and hold the students and the community we grow here as their first priority.”

What motivates you to work with young people?
“The young people literally are our future. If they are healthy, our future will be bright! Teens are smart, sassy, funny, trying out how to be adults and balking at taking responsibility for themselves at the same time.”