Navigating AI’s Nuances: Insights from Oliverian’s Applied Engineering Course

Navigating AI’s Nuances: Insights from Oliverian’s Applied Engineering Course

In Kate Lewis’ Applied Engineering course, students embarked on a journey into the intricate workings of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Through immersive exploration, they unraveled the mechanisms underpinning AI’s functionality—how it’s trained on vast troves of internet language to discern patterns and generate responses. Yet, alongside this technical understanding emerged a critical awareness: AI inherits biases from its training data, prompting students to scrutinize and challenge these biases in AI-generated content.

Moreover, the course deftly interwove ethical considerations into the AI discourse. Engaging debates erupted as students grappled with the ethical implications of AI deployment, from privacy concerns to the perpetuation of societal biases. These discussions served as a crucible for honing students’ ethical reasoning, preparing them to navigate the complexities of AI implementation with conscientious consideration.

Culminating in a final project, students were tasked with employing AI in scenarios ranging from ethical to potentially unethical. This hands-on experience not only underscored the power of AI but also underscored the imperative of responsible AI utilization. Armed with a deeper understanding of AI’s nuances and ethical dimensions, students emerged from the course not only as proficient engineers but also as vigilant guardians of ethical AI practice.

Below are examples of students’ projects utilizing AI, ranging from crafting a letter to our Head of School, Abby Hood, requesting complimentary treats from Dunkin Donuts on campus, a student apologizing for missing class and the day’s assignments, and asking AI to create a poster for the Black Swan Ballet (pictured above).

**Here’s a fun note! This article was written using AI — could you tell?

Dunkin Please!

Ladies and Gentlemen, and especially our esteemed Principal Abby Hood, we find ourselves gathered here today under the warm, inviting glow of not just the noble donut, but a plethora of culinary delights from Dunkin’ Donuts. Yes, you heard me right, the humble, unassuming donut and its equally delicious companions – the bagels, the muffins, the sandwiches, and let’s not forget, the coffee. Now you may ask, “Why Dunkin’ Donuts? What makes it so special?” Well, Principal Hood, I am glad you asked.

There is a certain unspoken camaraderie we all share in the shared experience of biting into a Dunkin’ Donut or munching on a hearty Dunkin’ sandwich. From the classic Boston cream to the delightful strawberry frosted, from the mouth-watering bacon egg and cheese sandwich to the aromatic Dunkin’ coffee, each bite, each sip, is a symphony of taste that not only tantalizes our taste buds but also brings a smile to our faces. As boarding school students, we find ourselves away from the comfort of our homes, and it’s these small moments of joy that make our journey more bearable, more enjoyable. But, Principal Hood, we’re not just advocating for free food here. Dunkin’ Donuts is not just a place; it’s a feeling, a sanctuary where students can unwind, reminisce about home, and share a laugh. It’s our little piece of happiness in a box.

Now, I can already see some of you rolling your eyes, thinking, “Is this just a ploy to get free food?” Well, to that, I say YES! But also, NO. You see, this isn’t just about the food (although it is delicious), it’s about what they represent – a beacon of light on a gloomy Monday morning, a comforting friend after a particularly grueling exam, or a simple reward for making it through another day. So, Principal Hood, let’s make every day a Dunkin’ day. Because, at the end of the day, we’re all just a bunch of kids, standing in front of our Principal, asking her to love Dunkin’ Donuts as much as we do.

Thank you, and long live Dunkin’ Donuts, the beacon of our boarding school life!

My Apologies

Dear Kate, my physics and calculus guide,

With heartfelt words, I stand beside,

To express remorse for my wandering ways,

A student’s plea, in humble grace, I raise.

In the realm of numbers and laws profound,

Where knowledge blossoms, truth is found,

I faltered, my attention took flight,

Lost in distractions, caught in the night.

Amidst the laughter and peer-filled glee,

I veered off course, away from what could be,

Forgetting the value of your teachings profound,

And the dedication you so kindly expound.

Oh, Kate, please accept this sincere apology,

For letting my focus drift, oh so carelessly,

I failed to uphold the academic flame,

And missed the essence of your teaching game.

In missing classes, I let you down,

A lapse in judgment, a teacher’s frown,

I now see the worth of every minute,

And vow to mend my ways, to be resolute.