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Nick D’Amore

Dorm Parent

Dorm Parent, arrived at Oliverian after spending a number of years living, working, and playing in Boston. While the city fed a number of his interests — in art, food, and community — first-hand experience has shown him all of this and more can exist in a rural setting, too. As a dorm parent at the school, he's thrilled to explore and engage with his more adventurous roots.

At Northeastern University, where he received a Bachelor's degree in English literature, Nick became a leader of the college's outing club, helping to run their cabin and lead weekly adventures in the White Mountains. Those trips inspired him to pursue a career in outdoor education. He has worked summers at a nomadic hiking camp, led outdoor workshops for adults, and taken urban students on multi-day excursions as part of a nonprofit outreach program.

Nick was drawn to the school for its goal of empowering students by nurturing their earnest passions. He aims to contribute to that mission by encouraging each individual's sense of exploration and helping them identify their relationship to the world around them. Always on the lookout for his own discoveries, you'll most often find him on a mountain, in a book, or cooking more food than he can possibly eat alone.

What do you love most about Oliverian?
“What I most love about Oliverian is to have been invited in for a personality. Students and staff alike possess the sensitivity to allow their unique experiences to have a bearing on their personal development. And, while folks come here to continue that developmental process and expand their horizons, we are all united in our ability to do just that.”

What motivates you to work with kids?
“I'm motivated to work with students because I recognize — now, as an aging 20-something — both the importance of learning to understand one's self at a formidable age. We begin to shape our self-image early on; and, if I can help to engage kids in that process, then I've done a good day's work.”