Oliverian’s Relational Approach

Oliverian’s Relational Approach

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Oliverian’s Relational Approach
December 19, 2022

What makes Head of School, Abby Hood, most excited about how Oliverian is helping young people find their place in the world?

Supporting Our Relational Approach

As you can see in our newsletters, blogs, and social media, our students are active, engaged, and beginning to find their place in this big world of ours! Beneath all of that adventure, learning, fun, and hard work, though, lies a foundation of relationships. Our amazing faculty and staff focus first and foremost on building the relationships with our students that allow them to feel a sense of belonging, and to build the competence and confidence that help them thrive.

When we ask you to support Oliverian, we are not simply seeking assistance in providing the many wonderful experiences our students get to partake in over the course of the year. Perhaps more importantly, we are asking you to invest in supporting the development of these foundational relationships that truly hit at the center of our mission here at Oliverian.

As our calendar year all too quickly comes to a close, your consideration of a gift to Oliverian, to our students, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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