Pillars of the Oliverian Experience

Pillars of the Oliverian Experience

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Pillars of the Oliverian Experience
May 27, 2021

We have been talking a lot about our “pillars” lately. So, what are they, and why do we value them?

Oliverian’s college-preparatory and personal growth experience is supported by our pillars of adventurestewardship, and the arts. In turn, these pillars are grounded in a deep foundation of support. This is the structure that enables our students to challenge themselves, love themselves, and grow into their best selves.

We define adventure as a journey with an unknown outcome, something that has an element of risk, involves physical activity and pushes us outside our comfort zone. We value adventure for its mental and physical health benefits. It challenges us to develop coping skills, grit, and determination, while also promoting flexible thinking and problem-solving.

At Oliverian, stewardship is defined as care of self, community, and the land. Stewardship involves acts of service that draw us out of ourselves and connect us to something larger, fostering empathy, compassion, and responsibility.

The fine arts include the visual arts, performing arts, and music. These activities build our sense of identity and creativity through self-expression. Through art, we teach flexibility and grit, while also finding connection to the human experience throughout history and around the globe.

In our community, rich with adventure, stewardship, and arts experiences for students and faculty alike, we build strength, resilience, compassion, and joy. What could be more important?


Abby Hood
Academic Director
Interim Head of School