“Rocktober” at Oliverian

“Rocktober” at Oliverian

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“Rocktober” at Oliverian
October 30, 2023

Fall has arrived, and truthfully, has almost gone here in the Oliverian Valley, and our students and staff have taken every advantage of the beautiful autumnal weather we’ve experienced. Recently, students took part in our Fall Electives Week classes, dabbling in a car engine, meandering through Northern New England’s haunted havens, visiting with renowned local poets, preparing for the SATs, debating pop culture’s most notorious conspiracy theories, and climbing their way through much of the White Mountains.

As a part of our wrap-around student support approach, we strive to meet students where they’re at and provide a multitude of opportunities for them, whether it is academically, socially, or with future planning.

Classes such as Car Mechanics provided students the chance to tinker under the hood of a real car, change a tire, and visit our local mechanic to learn the ins and outs of the business and how to become a mechanic.

“Rocktober,” our Adventure Electives Week class, immersed a small group of students fully and daily into the world of rock climbing, including gear and crag identification and ethics, rope management, movement skills, and climbing culture.

As always, you can never beat the view!