Senioritis:  It’s Not a Myth

Senioritis:  It’s Not a Myth

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Senioritis:  It’s Not a Myth
May 12, 2021

Sometimes we lightheartedly joke about the decline in motivation for high school seniors.  It can be an expected shift for many seniors; I can remember my own struggle with staying focused and motivated my senior year… and that was a long time ago.  Unfortunately, it can also have far reaching implications for students for graduation, college acceptances or summer internships.  For students who also struggle with anxiety, depression, or other mental health struggles, senioritis can also have an emotional impact that can be tough to overcome.

Not only might a student miss out on creating fun memories and experiencing a closure of close relationships with peers and teachers, they may also miss important opportunities for skill building that can increase the difficulty in transitioning from high school to post-graduation goals.  College admissions departments can rescind their offers, a student might start off their college career on academic probation, and financial merit can be affected.

When I think about Oli students that struggle with this phenomenon, I also think about the possibility for amazing growth in being able to overcome it.  For our students that have faced many social-emotional challenges and worked hard to get so close to graduation, to be able to dig deep with the help of a group of dedicated and passionate educators to get to that finish line is nothing short of fantastic.  

Graduation at Oliverian is full of tears and cheers that are felt deep because for our graduates, senioritis is really just one more challenge to overcome.  But this time, they walk away with a diploma that some never thought they’d receive.

So we are all here in little old Pike, New Hampshire, fighting the good fight, bringing kids along the path (at times kicking and screaming) with love and encouragement.  

(And just like this senior and calf, we each get our motivation where we can)

Sharon McCallie-Steller

Dean of Counselors